Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk Review

Is Berserk’s warriors game tie in bound for bloody glory? Find out in our GameSpot Review!

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  1. this game is fuckin awesome dont listen to these "reviews" if you like musou type games it does not get better than this! its even better then hyrule warriors! it never gets old swinging the dragon salyer and going full armor berserk mode believe me!

  2. This loos like mindless fun for my off nights. I have always wanted a berserk game and this hits a lot of spots. for example, I loved one piece's musous, although they weren't all that.
    I'll get this when the price drops.

  3. im sorry but i could not agree with any of the things that he said… i think the game is fantastic and deserves much higher than a 5. The different types of sub-weapons that each character possesses gives the combat a nice variety and new layers of enjoyment. i absolutely love this game and am extremely grateful that not only was this game released, but also that it was translated over here in the West

  4. People talk about berserk with dark souls gameplay but am i the only one who thinks it would work better with Bloodbornes ? Faster but still risk reward.

  5. Lol this guy obvi hasnt read the manga gut was a one note protag the vast majority of his developement come after and around the eclipse its sad this story cant get a proper anime adaptation just beacause it appeals more to a weastern audience than an eastern one

  6. Why can't Berserk ever have nice things adapt it??
    i mean, on pen and paper, this was a GREAT idea… but stooping to using the movies' footage to make up for short runtime? i just don't understand. the in-game cinematics and models look fine. why not just use them?? they clearly had the assets and production time.. it just feels lazy.

  7. dark souls gratifying combat? dark souls is the worst combat ever!! it's a shitty hack and slash shitty mechanics shitty movement Conyrol everything except environment. goddamn mainstreamers

  8. You can tell this guy didn't unlock berserker guts or femto, i would even say not even finished the story…..btw all WARRIOR GAMES are the same its only different skins and places a bit like assassin creed origins and odyssey.

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