Yakuza Zero Review

Wildly inconsistent but a great experience, Yakuza Zero is a fascinating adventure. Here is GameSpot’s Yakuza Zero review.

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  1. completed it today and i honestly had a blast. one of the best video game plots in a while and the gameplay doesnt get boring at any point. but that was just for me tho

  2. I hope they make a collection combo deal for when they all get remastered, if you're confused I'm talking for example let's say the Nathan Drake collection is a perfect example here

  3. I prefer these kind of graphics over those of Assasins creed, The last of us, The witcher… I grew up with arcade games that pop color and this is that but better!

  4. The comments don't surprise me on a PS4 video I got a pro super cheap so I bought it so far is a ok console not bad but the games are not my type I beat uncharted 4 really annoying game graphics were nice but climbing is something that I don't enjoy doing I force my self to beat the game 😐 the last of us 😰 same I try to love I try to like it but ugh it feels so generic they try to force you to care for the character which I don't give a shit about them 😒 now putting all that to the side PS4 pro is a ok console not as good as the Xbox one s but is ok 👌🏼 and ima keep it so I can have the Xbox one x both consoles another thing that I notice about the PS4 is that it has so many kids that's why the comments don't even surprise me because every time I go online is a lot of kids screaming and acting like crazy maniacs 😰 that don't bother me but oh god wtf why so many kids? On the Xbox I never had that issue also a lot of racist people a lot you heard black people fighting white people calling each other names is sad worst experience I ever had so this comments I know why they all talk about console wars coz they are a bunch of PlayStation kids

  5. Bought it last weekend, the game is AMAZING. Trust me, get it. I was skeptical at first, but it's one of my favorite games now.

    I don't understand where all the hate is coming from.

  6. How the fuck did you not mention the epic minigames???? halfassed review! The game is so much better, and missing so much by the reviewer.

  7. TBH loved the combat, I was playing on hard, so it made all the more enjoyable(infuriating) to get past some levels and bosses, if you don't want a repetitive combat in this game, I would recommend it playing on hard. I found the heat moves especially satisfying to do on bosses.

    Note this was my first game in the series, and it was still fun playing on hard

  8. Who the fuck is Kiryu Kazuma?
    Can't even say his name right and you say that the character models are old? It's from a PS3 game, what'd you expect?

  9. Are we going to complain about the women when Kiryu's been actually shown naked in the game, and the characters take off their shirts all the time to show their ripped, tattooed bodies in every game?

  10. This game is a clunky port with terrible controls. It looks old and plays badly. Was very unimpressed and I pre-ordered this game expecting it to be amazing.

  11. A beat’em up with cool story, humorous side missions, RPG style upgrading, QTE timed gameplay with fun combos. I’m glad I finally picked this up. Some of the humor is cringeworthy and the soft exotic video parlor visits are over the top. This is definitely a mature rated game filled with adult humor.

  12. Yakuza 0, maybe the MOST underrated game of all time.. When i played this game, it feels like I am playing a 10 different game titles. Its because.. when you getting bored in street fighting, you can do ton of substories, you can go bowling, you can go karaoke, play pool, telephone club, go fishing, play darts, run your business estate, run your cabaret club, searching for Mr.Shakedown, searching weapon around the world, throwing your money on the street,and still many more.. if you haven't play Yakuza before, you should absolutely try Yakuza 0 !!! Maybe the first or second chapter will be a little slow, but starting Chapter 3 it will be rock!!!!!

  13. Every reviewer said this game is fantastic. However, your complaints about it felt misleading and inconsistent with the great score of 8 that u gave it.

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