Tales of Berseria Review

Tales of Berseria doesn’t reinvent the Tales series, but the characters and combat make for an engaging experience.

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  1. The story and characters are so good this game deserves no less than an 8. The writing is fantastic and despite the darker tone there are dozens of genuinely funny and heart felt moments.

    And why are you so angry about the graphics for? Who cares? Nobody plays these games to get the most up-to-date visuals anyway. Nobody cares, and the review shouldn't have made such a big deal about it. Who cares.

  2. Bullshit to compare a game of one franchise to a game of another franchise.. if Tales turned into Call of Duty or a Dynasty Warriors clone you'd still see people judging it harshly. I play Tales because I like the formula, it feels familiar and I wouldn't want it to change its personality.

    Fuck off

  3. Harsh rating. Deserves at the very least an 8/10. IMO, Tales of Berseria deserves a rating of somewhere between 8.5 and 9.0

  4. i think 7 is a fair score these games are produced rapid fire in Japan its pretty much there CoD or Assassins creed lol,but also to be fair again the tales of games are much better

  5. The only ign review I used to make a game purchase…and what a terrible decision it was. This game is at least a 4/10… I stopped playing after 20 hours, deleted my save file and just watched the ending online. The dlc on this game is all about pay to win and expensive outfits. You fans must have poor taste in jrpgs.

  6. The reviewers favorite game is probably call or duty. You have no sense of creativity or taste. Your opinion is entirely invalid. But good attempt at a horrible review.

  7. Great review. You said it how it is and fans seem to have been butt hurt. Nothing good about monotonous dungeon crawling and repeatable world design. If it's anything like Xillia, it needs to be avoided at all costs, unless you're fine with the former issues mentioned. Keep up the good work.

  8. What a joke. They got some jackoff who doesn't like JRPG's to review one. Imagine getting someone who exclusively plays fps games and had them review a racing game or action game; not every game is for everybody but there should clearly be someone whose accustomed to JRPG's to review them.

  9. The most perfect and profound game of text and character building in recent years, and it have an hort and deep theme"the conflict between emotion and reason"

  10. Tales of the Abyss will always be in the best Tales game mainly because of the main character Luke had the best character development than any other character in the history of the series

  11. dude it's a jrpg the graphics are literally the least important thing in a jrpg most important things in jrpgs is the story and the characters simple and this game was amazing with both

  12. What a BS review….. this game is pretty darn great. The battles aren't supposed to be refreshing or new each encounter, that's not how these types of games ever work. It's inherent to its genre. These games tend to be fairly grindy and this one isn't particular bad at all. The dungeons aren't half bad when compared to various other games in the same genre either, even when simplistic in layout. Tales of Berseria also isn't a generation defining game in terms of graphics, so of course it'll look dated. Pretty sure this applies to games like Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns too or really any game that gets released on consoles too. System requirements are also very low anyway. On top of that, its art style makes it age really rather well, so it's really a mute point anyway. Unless you're extremely allergic to any and all straight angles on geometry in the world, you're not going to notice. Games this anime / cartoony tend to not need realistic graphics. And on top of that, this probably still is the best Tales of game out there. Very unreasonable review by a guy who probably knows nothing about games in this genre.

  13. After playing Persona 5 i struggle finding a jrpg worth my time. This games looks good but it seems its one of those uninteresting copy paste dungeon crawlers..

  14. I really liked this game overall, but I think visually and soundtrack Vesperia is better. I might be biased to the vesperia/symphonic period, but I’m glad I can experience it now since I couldn’t play it on the 360 back in the day

  15. I hope that new tales game will SHOW all these fanboys that COMBAT LIKE THIS HAS NO PLACE IN 2021 GAME. its fucking button mashing for 40 hours,you cant defend that if your iq is more than 50.

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