Splatoon 2 Gameplay – Full Match on Nintendo Switch

Check out a whole match of Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch, including the new Splat-Dualies weapon.

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  1. Splatoon 2 march third today I hope all you tubers can enjoy this game please like it's almost my birthday it's March 17 and I hope your hyped

  2. I wish I knew sooner that now instead of the spawn points being wired and connected to outlets they are wireless and there is a switch on the back of it.

  3. Without turf war, would Splatoon even still be Splatoon? Yeah, it has inklings and the same world, but the series is about squid kids shooting ink and claiming more territory than the other, if you're tired of that, play other gamemodes or do single player, turf war isn't the only thing.

  4. Glove customization, Trouser customization, New Hair, New Guns, New Music, New Stages, No more squid sisters, New Gear, New Font, New Map, and much more that I can't even think of.

    Woooow still the same game..

  5. Can this game be played by 2 persons with only 1 Nintendo Switch? for example 1 vs 1?
    And also, can i play with a friend from another country in the same team against other people?

  6. was looking forward to this game but is it just me or does the game literally just consist of shooting at the floor 95% of the time?

  7. Guys i bought my nintendo switch at school :

    Teacher: No games at school

    Me: But teacher i can play nintendo switch anywere, with anyone

  8. Glad I looked up a gameplay vid. People have been juicing up this game. And honestly I'm not sure why. Looks really repetitious and boring after (i give it) 8 hours.

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