Gravity Rush 2 Review

Will you be falling heels over head for this game or will just fall flat on the ground? Here is GameSpot’s Gravity Rush 2 review.

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  1. Omg I remember buying this in 2012 on my vita I didn't know anything about it or what it was at the time I just wanted a game before I went on vacation and I loved it and now they made a sequel. I have many feeling in me rn

  2. That's not what I call flying. It's more like being hopelessly flung around by invisible hands…

    Anyway, both games are on sale right now. Am I gay if I buy them?

  3. It's a good game but it holds many problems that were present in the first game, holding it back.
    It does get better later on but not by much.
    Fffffffffuck finding the manholes though. The world is Soooo spread out and the first it takes like 10, 15min to get anywhere.

  4. I thought this game was pretty unique with great graphic style and Music…however it does not warrant a 9….I had to stop halfway through during the irritating imploding tunnel … too hard by far with such a terrible camera inhibiting you at every turn…If the game had had more meat on its bones I would have persevered but I really found it rather light weight. Usually love to encourage praise of this kind of game but I`d score 7 ……8 max.

  5. I just finished the game. 9/10 is a fitting score for those who actually like the 1st game. But for those who hvnt try the 1st one, the score can be various. For me this game is enchanting. l like the game design, combat system, beautiful graphics and soundtrack. Very intriguing plot and storyline. The 1st game just give you mystery and questions about many things, the sequel just give you a whole explanation, when you finished the game, you feel very happy, satisfied and kinda sad at the sametime i dont know why… The free dlc is just very warming gift from the developer that explain the event at the very end of the 1st game.

  6. This looks great,art style is awesome.Usually I do not buying many japanese games,but I love all kind of games so I bought Gravity Rush remastered and played for few hours,for now is good,just wish there is more variety of missions.I am glad that is sequel even better.After GR2 I must try Yakuza zero.

  7. Got it day 1, but stopped during some stealth missions i didn't like. But i went back to it a couple of days ago, and i finished it just now. And i'm glad that i went back to it, what a fantastic game. Hope we get sequel some day

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