Andromeda Initiative: Pathfinder Team Briefing – Mass Effect Andromeda

Welcome to the Andromeda Initiative’s Pathfinder Team briefing. Receive intel on the Hyperion’s Pathfinder and get to know his core team and their responsibilities. Completion of this briefing contributes to all recruits unlocking exclusive equipment for use in the field.

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  1. This is not normal, what i see in the comments. There is mainly hate, hate, HATE aaand again hate. I know everybody have his own right to criticize and their opinion, but still. No offence, but many people down there is acting like spoiled brats. Some comments are just pathetic. I too have some issues with the game, but I will wait for final release and THEN, if the game will prove to be failure, THEN I will show my dissatisfaction. But in the meantime I'll wait, trust and hope that BioWare succeeds. Let them work. To all haters, try to do something good under constant hate, you tough keybord warriors.

  2. Plot Twist: Everyone on the ship is an AI, they are masterminded by the reapers, at the end of the game, you realize it's too late when the reapers come back. The last planet has you surviving to the last soldier, later finding out that Shepard is alive and comes to the future to stop what truly happened that day. The day the reapers came back.

  3. Well, looks like I'm saving my money on this one. The character models alone look horrendous. Not to mention no aliens? Waaay too many humans for a mass effect team. Look at Ryder too, looks like a beta male weakling that would me crushed by OG Shepard.

  4. I sort of get that the idea with these trailers is to sell the game without spoiling the story, but they really do just feel like pretty soulless recruitment videos.

  5. Harper? Related to TIM (The Illusive Man)? Would certainly be interesting (hopefully she's nothing like him if this is true…but even if she is: Would not be so bad, we kind of need somebody to look out for us in a new galaxy with new aliens etc. – we might need Cerberus after all (as an organization willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what it is!))

    A true AI? Cool, I wasn't looking forward to not having EDI (the computer, could have done without the "sex-bot" (infiltration unit) – not that I hated the idea, but it was not actually needed IMHO!)

    ps: I hope the male Ryder is the "scientist" (Prothean Artifacts Team) guy, while the female has been to Arcturus (would mix it up nicely, for once – I am strange, I like women who don't shy away from fighting (if it's for a good cause or an ideal) and I kind of like male scientist (note: I am not saying women can't handle sciences, but we've had more female scientists and doctors in ME, from Liara to Kahlee Sanders and Doctor Chakwas etc. than males (I only remember Mordin and that Krogan Warlorld who made Grunt)), while I prefer rational men who over-analyze a situation before going in guns blazing!

  6. An adaptive AI with direct links to multiple humans (and possibly aliens) that essentially learns as they do? I sense a plot device…but if it starts singing "Daisy Belle", I think we all know what to do.

  7. An adaptive AI with direct links to multiple humans (and possibly aliens) that essentially learns as they do? I sense a plot device…but if it starts singing "Daisy Belle", I think we all know what to do.

  8. I'm not put off by this, like a lot of comments seem to be, and I am yet to preorder. But the only thing that does put me off, is there being no mention of Shepard/Reaper war?
    I'm sure this will be expanded upon in the game itself (I hope so), but doesn't it kind of have to be addressed in some way?

  9. Liams got to be the new Garrus. He seems like he's gonna have your back. Good lord Cora looks butch as hell. She's got that I'm gay, I want the world to know, and fuck you haircut going on, lol. If she doesn't love the ladies I'll be shocked. Wonder if and when we're gonna see any multiplayer.

  10. Not a fan of the Player Character having family in the game. It really restricts the role playing aspect by forcing backstory on you. It didn't work to get an emotional response in DA2. I really wonder why they thought it would work in ME. Also not a huge fan of the player character being given a full name by default.

    I'm really worried that this will be no more of an RPG than Far Cry. Attribute points and gear but no real decisions outside of who to bang, ok?

  11. it has been a while since i played the first 3 games but if this initiative started in the time of the old games wouldn't that make S.A.M. illegal ? thats why there are AIs and VIs or am i totally wrong ?

  12. I wonder why Bioware hasn't confirmed that Cora is, in fact, Jack Harper's daughter (Illusive man) now that there will be no sequels. Might as well just confirm and it will answer the benefactor and who it was.

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