Vampyr – The Darkness Within Trailer

Discover the duality of man and monster in Vampyr’s Darkness Within trailer.

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  1. Looks like a game people are going to buy and say nothing good about. Like every other game with a trailer on this channel.

  2. why the hell had nobody made an open world vampire game. could you imagine assassin's creed syndicates london map, with several buildings with open bedroom windows, you fly in, feed, get more powerful. vampires are like superheroes, super strength, speed, stamina, intelligence, they can fly, control weather, they can turn into and control werewolves, wolves, rats, bats, ravens, crows, assorted arachnids, have telekinesis, mind control and mind reading abilities, levitation, they can climb walls like spider man, among other things according to the author of the one true vampire, dracula, by Bram stoker, and unlike superman, they have a lot of weaknesses, because this would kinda be like a superman game in a way given they have so many abilities. this game would be insane. but nope, this game is set in a open hub style, so there's no real hope of vampire role playing. what happened to video games. you used to be able to murder people in the most creative ways, now, with games like watch dogs, and assassin's creed, you can't even kill civilians. guess I'll go back to gta 5, for the 11th billion time.

  3. I wonder how they will tie the killings of an npc of your choice to the emergent story of the game. It would be really interesting is npcs and the world did react to your blood sucking frenzies.

  4. Dontnod Entertainment + Focus Home Interactive is a pretty rare case when great developers meet publisher good enough to not end with sh**… so for now the expectations are at least more high compared to the day game was announced. Also this trailer rocks!

  5. I'm really hyped by this game. I want to believe in its potential greatness given the games Dontnod has been delivering us over the past few years. A vampire game, that land is still uncharted in the world of video gaming as we haven't had one in years – Vampire the Masquerade that's pretty much all… Make the best out of it Dontnod!

  6. I'm really looking forward to this game, it's exactly what I want in a vampire video game. That makes me really suspicious of it. Should be an interested narrative either way.

  7. Dontnod Entertainment have made good to great games – Remember Me was a flawed but underrated Cyberpunk sleeper hit and the widespread acclaim for Life is Strange speaks for its self. Only 2 games released, however, Dontnod haven't given me any reason to think that Vampyr will not be great.
    There hasn't been many good vampire games since the classic Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, we're way overdue for a good vampire game, especially one that's story driven, has choice & consequence and is an RPG. Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series and the fairly recent Castlevania: lords of shadow games are all we've had in this genre since Bloodlines, I cannot wait for Vampyr to release 🙂

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