The Last of Us Part II Official 4K World Premiere Trailer | PSX 2016

From the PlayStation Experience 2016 key-note event, Naughty Dog has announced The Last of Us 2.

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of "The Last Of Us". My PS3 came with the first "The Last Of Us". when i get a PS4, this will be the first game is own unless my deck comes with a game. I love the song in this trailer that Ellie sings. I wanted to see more on the action side of the game in this trailer.

  2. I'm so glad they didn't just name is Last of Us 2, and rather Part 2, just makes it feel more like a story than a game at the same time, and that's just what makes this game amazing.

  3. When u think about it when they called it the last of us part 2 do u think there might be a part 3 just saying u never they are sneaky but for now I hyped about this Ima buy a PlayStation 4 for just this:)

  4. I dont see any one bashing PC for this game
    But when I go for RDR2 all what I see is scumbags
    If this is PS exclusive and RDR2 is console (XB and PS)
    That means that those scumbags are XB fan boys,

  5. I have a feeling this game is gonna be dark, awesome & maybe gruesome to play when u have to face the fireflies/hunters/zombies/whoever to survive. I mean look at this shit 2:29 . That body looks real af all dead and shit. The graphics, gameplay, story. it's all gonna be intense. I can't wait yo. #teamnaughtydogyoufucks

  6. Ellie is dreaming. Joel is dead and only coming back in Ellie's dream just to show us that this time story will be focused on taking revenge on Joel's killers. On every last one of them…

  7. I can’t believe I waited this long for it and I just finished the game tonight, 6/26 and it came out 6/19/20. Decent game. Really fun at the end.

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