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Was The Last Guardian worth the wait? Find out with our video review.

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  1. you gave this game a 9? really? i recently stopped playing it because the controls were so fucking bad and annoying.. but oook

  2. finished the game and this is one of the best reviews I've seen! The last guardian is a masterpiece in story telling, incredible game! Best you can get on PS4.

  3. Way better and more honest review than the IGN one … You guys exactly tell the important parts of this game… Its has it technical issues … but the emotion and care put in this masterpiece is stunning… This is a game made by people who wanted to give a rich emotional experience to the player… Not just make a quick buck..And it shows

  4. 9 meh lil high if u ask me. yes great game and i enjoyed it buut the camera has issuses and the beast some times never listens and or it'll do the complete opposite. 8.0 more like it for me.

  5. Maybe I'm spoiled to open world RPG's, but 12 hours of gaming for 60 bucks? No ty. Looks decent, but definitely waiting for a sale to buy.

  6. I really hope they make a second follow on game. Maybe them meeting together after years apart and you play as trico trying to leave the area again and finding his way to the village. 🙂

  7. just finished this game today. After watching this review before I had started the game, it sounded pretty generic. But after finishing the game, you hit the nail on the head on every point. Wonderful game. the controls and camera do hurt it badly though. Even post patch on my PS4 Pro, it really made the fan speed up to alarmingly high levels

    That said, the ending was quite moving and when you mentioned the lasting bond you really got that right. Although due to aforementioned cons, not sure I'll be getting into this game again for a while. I need a long buffer before fighting with the controls and camera again..

  8. The Last Guardian is a great game. I know people always talk about it's flaws. Yes it does have some but it's minor. Don't let that keep you from playing this game. it's unique. definitely one of a kind. Only thing i wish was that you could go back and play certain parts of the game. But whatever. Go get it if you are interested plus i think the price went down at best buy

  9. I found Ori & the Blind Forest to be a masterpiece, blending both gameplay and art style
    This game, which only come with the art style, is a joke

  10. One of the best games ever!
    No problems after the update.
    The Last Guardian, Bloodborne and The Last of Us <3 thats why i prefer PlayStation.

  11. Yes! This is well said. The type of "game" that ICO, SotC and TLG were are an "acquired taste." Just like how there are games that use a single button and ones that have no story. These games use a certain dissonance between the player and the world they've been invited to explore. You're not given responsive control, all the answers (even at the end), the most intentionally cooperative AI or even gameplay that is very clear.

    You are simply a single guest in Ueda's games. It's not your typical game franchise where the world gives you all the power and control you demand to get what you want out of it and that understandably bothers a lot of people. As someone who wants to be an animal trainer someday, it's a similar feeling of reward when you figure out how to communicate or translate your intentions with Trico. It wants to constantly remind you that you're not only element at play in the game with its own mind.

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