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How Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Influenced Andromeda's Gameplay

In this Game Informer interview, Mass Effect Andromeda’s producer Fabrice Condominas explains how Andromeda is changing up the series’ gameplay, the lessons the team took from Mass Effect 3’s surprisingly engaging multiplayer, and how BioWare is…

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  1. I tried to get into multiplayer. Can't remember it much now, but i think I felt like everything I unlocked was just too weak to kill anything or it was repetitive.

  2. Don´t touch the spawns… for what that guy say, they are tring to replicade de COD formular (Random Spawns and slot machine for casuals), but that is not gonna work, don´t be idiots for the love of god, the progression system is ok, but that is a huge mistake

  3. This sounds good. I haven't been able to play ANYTHING but sentinel in the trilogy because it was the only class that wasn't stuck in cover 75% of the time. Talking about making the game more fast paced and movement based really reassures me.

  4. Not sure if I like the idea of making single player like the multiplayer experience. Being able to pause gameplay, survey the terrain, give orders, pick targets and activate an ability in a single motion was always pretty handy. I'm not even that tactical a player truth be told but taking away those elements seems like taking away options from the player.

    I do like the talk about bringing in more class progression and RPG elements however, so as long as they keep this games multiplayer separate from the single player experience, I'll be happy enough.

  5. i hated how you had to play the multiplayer to get the best ending in ME3. i did not enjoy it so it felt like a chore instead of a fun experience and in turn took away from my single player experience. including multiplayer is fine and i know others enjoyed it but please don't make it detrimental for to the single player game

  6. Why have someone with such a thick accent make a video targeting the English speaking community? PC culture at its finest.

  7. Yeah, You can especially tell the change from ME1 to ME2, when you start seeing boxes, it meant combat. It was way to predictable. That's one thing I praise ME1 for, they set a lot of the fire fights in areas that aren't designated to be combat arenas. Made the world feel "real"

  8. As long as I can still play it on super duper kindergarten easy where all the enemies are lethargic and half blind so I can feel like a badass during my RPGing I'm fine! lol

    It legitimately looks great though. Can't wait!

  9. I love mass effect but I would love to see one small difference and that's controls. ME3 was great but I hated how so many things were on A button or Space bar. It's not a huge problem but I'd like more precision with my controls

  10. I've pre ordered the game giving them the benefit of the doubt. But, can someone clarify as to who the fuck BioWare is? Every time I read the damn credits it just proves my argument even more. According to Credits BioWare and Mass Effect are Trademarks of EA and then there is this Dugee Studios something like that also a trademark of EA. Now I've heard comments that BioWare created ME1 not affiliated with EA. That's not true according to the Credits and copyrights below. Are these like little expansion developing units of EA? I don't get it. Now, like EA has stated to drop production in Battle Front games to make more time on Star Wars development. Well, my point is that if Star Wars is getting more attention than BF will that also have effect on BioWare's ME or ME Andromeda? Now in the credits it states that EA is international Publisher, not a developer. So, how is it a EA product? ME then wouldn't be a BioWare product it's a EA product which it says. Now, people are saying that BioWare has gone down hill. Well, I can't find any games they made when as a independent company so how can they tell. ME1 at the time when first released was excellent for a RPG/FPS by standards. There weren't many out there to begin with. DOOM3, but that was more FPS than RPG. Now, I have people comment on me that I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, but I've been in the art industry. I see a lot of company names under the EA copyright. Is it there software engines these developers are using therefore have to be a part of EA? And looking up FrostBite engine, well that's EA since the developers were from EA or are EA. Could all this secrecy in their games just be marketing strategy against other developers when putting out games to get Game of the Year. They want to see who is putting out what, when and where, and how. Does anyone have this type of technological answer as to clarifying all these companies under EA and who actually owns the product?

  11. i'm not too keen on how slick the armor is for this next mass effect. In the 2nd and 3rd ME's, the armor was less slick and more bulky. It just doesn't have the same look of that space soldier vibe :/

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