DOOM – Free Update 5 Trailer

DOOM’s next free update is here and bringing multiplayer bots, a new multiplayer mode, Echelon 1, and much more.

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  1. Despite its flashy gory effects and its hard rock music this game will never live up to Doom 3 BFG – its atmosphere, its tense gameplay, its varied combat location… A very poor remake!

  2. Damn the 12GB update! I am stuck downloading it for the last 2 days on my shitty 128KBPS connection. I was in the middle of my first playthrough on Ultra Nightmare and this thing totally stopped me from playing. To have to endure this after a 70GB download is infuriating to say the least.

  3. Bots are a fantastic addition to the game, assuming that you can play offline and don't need to be connected to their servers. More replayability is a huge plus, I was amazed it didn't release with them in the first place

    I haven't been keeping up, but can anyone confirm if they've added Classic Deathmatch, like what we played in the olden days? No loadouts, picking up weapons from around the map and from your dead enemies, etc?

    Also, really hopeful about a singleplayer expansion, someday. I would pay for that

  4. i'm thinking i will buy DOOM for xbox one but before i wanted t know 3 things:
    is snapmap inclued to the xbox one version?
    is there split screen in multiplayer?
    and how active is the multiplayer cummunity in the xbox one?

  5. Wish you could install parts of the game so that I can remove the huge ass section that is multiplayer and make the overall game size a lot smaller. All I care about is campaign and snapmap

  6. Stop asking for single player DLC. In every update/DLC trailer people have been asking for it. How about you read the comments before you say what everyone else has said before you?

  7. would've liked an update to allow some kind of cheats, executions are not restricted to regular glory kills but rather berserk glory kills are now common to see, aim at head of Imp -split imp like banana. hate to hunt for a berserk power up to do that and im sick of weakling smacking a baron of hell with his horn, could use some more power to my RAGE induced glory kills or they could add in some more glory kills, I've seen everyone of them about 666x each

    or, for the best idea so far, if Bethesda thinks BOTS in multiplayer are worth including into this game then a HORDE mode would be perfect, just start it like how we all know it would start, Doomguys sent to hell (we all know thats where he's been sent to) and have him just slaughter demons until the sequal comes out, if people are entertained by the drawl that is this games multiplayer then a fucking metric ton of hardcore players would shit themselves at that prospect of a horde mode rather then dream of a day when DOOM's single player experience is expanded upon cause in the long run Bethesda NO ONE CARES FOR THE FUCKING MULTIPLAYER!

  8. Guys I have a big queation please answer. I'm getting doom this Christmas. Is multiplayer still really active? Like lots of players who play it? Cuz it's been like atleast 2 years I believe and I want the game since I'm getting an Xbox one

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