Dauntless Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2016

Dauntless is a co-op, action RPG coming to PC in 2017.

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  1. Depending on the combat system and classes/abilities customization, I might like this. If the classes/abilities are like similar to the common mmos, I might dump this. I'm tired of seeing all the warriors being clones of each other. I want to see games where everyone have their own unique play styles. Not like Tera where every same classes fight the same and dress the same gear. I think similar to skyrim with huge variety of abilities but limited by having a custom before entering a fighting zone, well beside their combat. Most importantly, hope the business model have no pay to win elements…

  2. As cool as this looks I really hope it doesn't overshadow Monster Hunter. Not saying it's a direct copy but capcom really needs to expand MH more in the west before some other game like this comes along and steals all the fans.

  3. Well, people in the comments don't seem to know jack about what this game is. Now to explain what Dauntless is!
    -First thing to know, head over to dauntless' website at to learn a whole lot more about the game, and sign up for the closed beta.
    -The game aims to be an AARPG in a similar vane to Monster Hunter. There will be a hub world called ramsgate, where slayers, the heroes of this world, will gather and socialize before hunts.
    -The hunt world itself is instanced, and separate from Ramsgate. Unlike Monster Hunter, which people compare this game to the most (And with good reason), the hunting world will be one big seamless world, according to crash7800, community manager for Phoenix Labs, the people behind Dauntless, and GTez, the head of Phoenix studios. (These are not their real names, just what they are called on Discord)
    -The game is going F2P, but the devs are going out of their way to make sure everyone knows they are against the pay for power model, and are listening to the community about how to implement a cash shop.
    -Why should you believe me? I am an incredibly active member on the community Discord, have talked to the devs a lot, and have been with the community since a mere two hours after the announcement. If there is any info on the game so far, I know it.
    Dauntless Official Website:
    Dauntless Official Subreddit:
    Go find the discord link in either the dauntless forums or the subreddit

  4. Trailer gives me monster hunter vibes, but with no gameplay in the trailer, I ain't gonna share it amongst my friends. GG no re. the devs fucked up with this one.

    Then again, a lot of gaming companies tend to fuck up like that.

  5. The gaming community nowadays is just people who like to compare completely different games like grow up already

  6. It looks like absolute shit. It has the most generic character design I've seen in quite a while, it says nothing about the world or the characters, the music is the most basic battle background music with no style of its own, the sound design is unengaging and lacks impact, the monster looks like a standard owlbear.

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