Arizona Sunshine – Launch Trailer

Are you able to stop the zombie hordes under the sweltering Arizona sun?

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  1. Tried VR for the first time about a week ago, i can tell this is going
    to be awesome based on the games I played when I had a go, blows ya mind
    first time you try it, i'd probably be addicted if i bought one.

  2. Really like this game, it wasn't too short actually played it over a couple weeks and is a hell lot of kick ass fun! Felt like I was in the walking dead. Love the rushes and getting prepared for one vs many shoot out.

  3. The version on the Microsoft Mixed Reality is better than the steam version : better image quality, more contrast and the controls are much better.

  4. Lol breaking glass. Guess it was too taxing on the engine. Because of that, you can easily just hide in a house during the biggest wave in the game.

  5. This game wasn’t all that great in my opinion…. the price was way over what it should’ve been, for how it looked and played. It should’ve been around 25-35$ instead it’s an indie game that repeats every five minutes advertised as an AAA game

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