Watch Dogs 2 Review

Watch Dogs 2 offers loads of entertainment in a playground-like rendition of San Francisco that rises above the first game’s soggy, downtrodden atmosphere.

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  1. When u try to make a legit GTA contender but come up short. So u make the next game scream "we don't take ourselves serious so u shouldn't either" in a desperate attempt to justify its mediocre quality.

  2. I've been playing this game quite a bit, and it takes me back to the days of Saints row 2 in a way that even the later saints row games couldn't. I really wish I would have got it at launch, and I am hoping we get a sequel that polishes what we have here.

  3. It seems watch dogs 2 is using easyanticheat to take screen shots of your screen to disable people from using cheats. Does anyone know if this is only for PC or consoles aswell?
    I want to get it on my ps4 but i dont like the idea of this anticheat system they are using. Is it safe in terms of privacy?
    OR is this not a problem on consoles..?

  4. WD2 was fun plus im a fan of the bay area, nothing against Chicago but where i hoped GTA V would eventually add San Fierro they didn't so this filled the gap. Watch Dogs could be the new Saints Row for this generation.

  5. Just seems like such a contradiction to say this game improves on the first Watch Dogs, yet given a lower score. Overall the game doesn't look fun, it looks immersable, with a few enjoyable cut scenes.

  6. This game shines when missions are completed using drones, RC or different hacks it has to offer instead of going full guns. The review shows non of those features. But the characters kinda suck.

  7. I preferred the tone of this compared to the first. There's more humour and I felt good playing it. Taking in the sights of San Francisco here was enjoyable

  8. Original watchdog was way better even the graphics, darker tone believable main character and motive. Camera angle of character was different slightly off center and zoomed in. Loved part 1 this one is to much of a joke

  9. I just finished it and i hope a 3th one is in the make, i realy enjoyed it. It felt like a mix between gta v and hackers the movie.. . I know people were dissapointed with the first one , and sells in the first period of the 2nd were low because of it. But those who played and reviewed this one were happy with the result. And so am i

  10. You chose to make Marcus a lethal killing machine then proceed to say it as if it's in his character to be a killer.

    Big brained comment right there.

  11. I purchase that game and a doc since part 3 came out they want me to buy the game again fuck that now I wouldn't want part 3 for free fuck that game

  12. Tweak the settings to your preference and master the difficulty, watch dogs 2 is one of the most immersive games i have ever played, you wont even notice that the map is pretty small, unlike GTA there is a natural flow, you can not plan to play the game, the game plays you, thats amazing!!! i love it!!! endles fun and every momont is unique forcing you to think in many ways.

  13. I've had the best childhood thanks to this masterpiece game!
    For a game that's 5 years old the graphics are still gorgeously fantastic

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