Watch Dogs 2: Best Hacking Apps for Beginners

Join us as we dive into Watch Dogs 2 and help you pick out some of the best starting out Hack Apps in the game.

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  1. Wow i seem some scores and they are good, 8 and 9s, however I'll wait till Angry joe reviews this game. I am however im pressed that its almost entirely and upgrade over the first one and thats a good thing

  2. anyone who said watch dogs one wasn't a good game doesn't know a great open world game when the play one. also these birches let the reviews tell them what to but? what the matter can't make a decision for your damn selves lol XD

  3. Robot exploits are dumb when ur actually playing the main story cause you only get into 2 missions would be useful in. You rarely find find robots in the open world unless you go to Tidis or go to that high tech house with the security cameras and laser sensors

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