Rise of the Tomb Raider – Official PS4 Pro Tech Demo (4K/30fps)

Crystal Dynamics Chief Technology Officer Gary Snethen details how Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes Software have enhanced Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Additions include three unique visual modes – 4K Resolution, High Frame Rate, and Enriched Visuals –…

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  1. Jesus Christ this comment section is cancerous. Yes peeps PC is superior, but why can't you guys be happy the PS4 gets some loving from devs?

  2. The game is already 3 years old and goes like a robot from a game 1999. Noone walks like Tombie lady not even my granny goes like that to the bathroom. Sheize.

  3. '4k resolution renders game at a higher resolution at 30 fps' … oh sorry, this new generation we're having so many issues with fps… correction:
    'targeting 30 fps' (while running at an 15fps avg)

  4. Stupidest fucking shit i've heard lately.

    So basically we can choose 4k mode with lower settings, enhanced visuals mode with low frame rate, or high frame rate with shitty visuals and not 4k. This thing is crap, a good pc can do all these things at once.

  5. My question is: what will be the graphic difference on 1080p? Because im not intersted on 4k 30fps yet. Is it worth to sell the old one and buy a new one?
    I think not.
    And for those who are against pc. I have both xboxone and ps4. Im a console fan. But after calculating the price difference betwen console and pc games i decided to rebuild my pc. Console games are more expensive. About 15-20 euro. I love to play games. That means im buying about 4 games/month. 4*/the difference/20eur= 80eur, thats in one year 80eur*12=960 eur. In 2 years 1960 eur. Thats the price for a good pc.
    I hope the scorpio will be bether as the ps4 pro. Well see

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