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Revealing The Kett, Mass Effect Andromeda's New Race

In this exclusive video interview from Game Informer, Mass Effect Andromeda’s art director Joel MacMillan walks us through BioWare’s process for creating a new alien race. The Kett are the first, but not the last, alien race the team has revealed…

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  1. This design Makes so worried about the overall art design of the game. And even worse: i've seen nothing yet, design ways that looked really interesting.. The remnant also do look absolutely average and boring to me… Reminds me of inquisition.. every enemy type looked so generic and uninspired.. :/ well well fingers crossed for that game…

  2. You don't need to make the aliens humanoid for the players to connect to them.
    People became emotionaly connected with GlaDos and she looks like a robot-tumor.

  3. Listening to all of this "new" ,"organic look" and "bone armor" talk, one cannot but wonder if he actually ever played Mass Effect 2 and ever saw a Collector. They should have chosen a different more creative design instead of yet another bi-pedal humanoid wearing body armor clothing. We've seen tons of that in the Mass Effect trilogy, there is nothing new or different about it.

  4. Video Gamers are so sexually immature they can't deal with pixels of what amount to naked aliens?

    No, the players can deal with the fact there are naked aliens. It's the developers who in their insecurity think the consumers share their sexual guilt and hang ups.

    Come on bioware, when are y'all going to actually mature. I live in an infantile culture.

    Still gunna play the shit out of this game lol

  5. how can you go from an idea of them being so alien that they dont look like anything we know to just humanoid looking aliens with clothing? I feel like they just said what would be the plausible idea so that they can make their same old empathy excuse for being uncreative

  6. Organic armor and tech is NOT new to Mass Effect, wtf?! Did he forget the Collectors?? That was their whole fuckin schtick…. Lame and unoriginal as fuck. Ugh, still can't wait though haha…

  7. Really disappointed with the design of the Kett; they basically look just like grey humans with some exoskeleton thrown in. I think the developers underestimated our ability to sympathies with non-humanoid characters, and so they wimped out on designing an alien species that actually looks alien, like it did in their original concept.

  8. New races don't need to be "human-face" like…. "you can empathise better if it's looking more human-like". Well Mordin will say otherwise 😉 !
    It's a bit sad, the Turians, Salarians and even the Krogans look more "alien" :/ than the Kett.

  9. I think you mean relate, and not associate.
    But regardless, that's a mute point.

    If a race makes a bit of sense, then humans, and especially gamers can relate to them. The foundation of the trilogy was the Reapers, and they were everything but human. People had no problem with that.

    I hope we'll get some real, orignal races in there!

  10. They look just like Collectors. Zero creativity in BioTurd these days. Hell, they couldn't even come up with a name for these pathetic things that doesn't sound exactly like "Geth".

  11. Their final design sketch looked really cool and although humanoid, still looked very alien and unique, then he goes "we wanted to make them less human so we made their eyes milky", cut to the next set of pictures and its gone from a cool looking alien to a human in cosplay. You don't make them less human by making them look much more like humans bioware.

  12. its a bit like they don't understand their audience. They're like "they have to be humanoid. they have to wear clothes etc, otherwise people won't be able to relate with them" when for the entire series so far the audience has had no issue what so every relating with elcor, hanar, faceless AI, krogan who are nothing like humans, even the reapers and leviathan to some extent. Yet there they are after all of that going "if they don't look human the audience can't relate to them"

  13. Go on, Put out a mediocre game and THEN make a vid talking about your inspiration. LMAO GET OVER YOURSELF, How about making a vid of how you destroyed one of the worlds greatest game franchises.

  14. "do we want some kind of relationship to our new aliens?" yeah you freaking do. i guess it was quiet cheap and much easier not to bother with clothes, much less work surely iff they make them all look the same. no wonder kett were so boring in the game

  15. In the end we have as peebee would say a bunch of babyfaces while Drack had eaten things older than all of them. The earlier concepts were five times better….Bioware you're screwed up if you continue decimating what you do best.

  16. It's really disappointing looking at this hard work and hearing his enthusiasm on something that was bland, intimidating and disappointing in more than just a narrative aspect. Everything about the Kett was dull. Even their name

  17. The kett are such an unimaginative design and I don't think any of the concept art was that good, either. Compare this video to the old Game Informer interviews with Matt Rhodes where he speaks about the creation of various races in the original games. I think the basic problem with Andromeda was that many people involved in its development simply didn't have the talent and vision needed for recapturing the magic of the original games.

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