Killing Floor 2- Official Launch Trailer

Killing Floor 2 is finally out! Will you be able to hold out against the relentless wave of Zeds or lose all your dosh trying?

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  1. I absolutely love this wonderful game despite having come out for over 6 years

    three years ago I don't play it now I will buy it on steam. thanks for creating this game

  2. There is honestly something so freaking satisfying about watching people absolutely obliterate zombies while listening to "Run Devil Run" lol

  3. How sad it makes me to see this video since the KF2 has been dying little by little due to the bad decisions of the developers…

    Que triste me pone ver este vídeo ya que el KF2 se ha ido muriendo poco a poco debido a las malas decisiones de los desarrolladores…

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