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Inside Mass Effect Andromeda's New, "Sexy" Approach To Vehicle Design

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Mass Effect Andromeda’s art director Joel MacMillan talks about two key collaborators helping out with the new game’s art direction. Learn what MacMillan took away from the Mass Effect trilogy’s art…

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  1. The constant "him and I" was crazy-making. My cousins from deep in the hollers of Kentucky say that, and hearing it with a Canadian accent makes me feel like I'm experiencing Doctor Strange levels of vertigo as the world folds over on itself.

  2. lol "yeah let me give this example of something really cool we thought of and then imediately say the cool thing is not in the game" lol

  3. I think one of the biggest challenges in starting Mass Effect Andromeda was making sure we were honouring the original trilogy and hoping to god we are doing good enough job of it so the fans might forgive our huge fuckup with Mass Effect 3's rancid ending.

  4. Well, the ship, the Tempest, is not bad looking (I still prefer the Normandy SR-2 however – no, not because of Shepard! I don't cling to Avatars, Shepard's story is done and I am ok with it…would I be against revisiting the character if they want to try? No, but I am open for a new character (or several – they don't have to stick with one for a trillogy again, despite how well that worked out the last time…well, at least for ME1 and 2, I don't like 3 at all, not only the ending! The only thing about 3 that I like is the very fluid gameplay!)), but the new "Mako" still looks like a goofy crossbreed between a Mars-Rover and a piece of farm equipment 🙁

    That thing doesn't look like an APC at all IMHO…I hope the other vehicles look somewhat more logical (even if we probably only ever get to use that crossbred wanna-be Mako!)

    ps: The Nexus and the Arks look great, too 🙂

  5. These people clearly knows what they're doing can everybody just chill, I love the franchise and I'm super excited for the game and it upsets me to see people bitch and whine about a game people worked so hard for. Everything looks find to me, yall are just spoiled

  6. congratz!
    You wasted a lot of time on thinking about how to to make the Tempest looking "cool" instead of believeale as a ship, giving it a overseized conference room, potted plants, huge walkways, a glassbridge without ceiling and a dancefloor / night Club looking captains quarter, but without a shower on it's own. It has a tiny galley, just 4 bunkbeds for a 6 person crew and no lockers to store their belongings in and tiny dark laboratories, crammed with stuff  (how about some more lights on an important workplace?)… GREAT DESIGN ! Look at the Normandy 2 how a credible spaceship looks

  7. He needs to be able to surpass the past Mass Effect games. Add more interesting enemies and new alien races. Add something to some of the new species in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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