Final Fantasy XV's Biggest Combat System Changes

Throughout Final Fantasy 15’s nearly a decade long development, what has changed the most is its combat system. Here are all the ways combat has evolved over the years.

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  1. its less strategy, more action. obviously to cater action game fans. with the way it is now, might as well call it action rpg, instead of just rpg. kinda like dark souls games. i dont like it.

  2. I wish people would give this game a damn chance instead of writing it off because it's not turn based as if every final fantasy has been turn based there's a lot more to final fantasy than just the combat

  3. So to all those complaining about this not being turn based…

    So what you're saying is that you don't like a game ditching the turn based combat and actually throwing you into the action yourself (which is both more immersive and logical)?


  4. So you know how when you tell a party member to use an item in combat, and there's a short animation of them doing it? Is there a way to turn off that animation? it's just really annoying when your fighting 20 enemies at once.

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