Final Fantasy XV Beginner's Guide

Here are some quick tips and tricks you should know before you set off on your adventure in Final Fantasy XV.

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  1. "CURE?! DAT SPELL IN FNIAL FANTASY?! FINAL FANTASY IS WHATEVER WE WANT IT TO BE DURHUHUR!" I miss when Final Fantasy would give us what we need rather than what we want? Because "Who's to say what's Final Fantasy" can be an argument to manipulate ANYTHING! I'm going to go take a Final Fantasy in my toilet now.

  2. FF15 best purchase ever.. people say they hate it… I love it.. never played a FF game but by far it's one of the most beautiful games ever alongside the Witcher 3… i love the road trip aspect of it and the guenuine emotion of having buddies to tag along and help you out with… never thought I could get into such a complex franchise with all its past games but i love the game… Good work Square Enix definitely a franchise everyone who loves rpgs should have this in their library

  3. Love the game right now.
    Doing every SideQuest. I'm on Ch7 I think. Enjoying every minute.
    Good guide.
    Buying and downloading some of Free contents in Store Helps a lot.

  4. Anyone understand why after I finish the tutorial, it tells me to start a new game, which I do but it then gets to a loading screen and then directs me to my home screen of my Xbox one and I have to restart the game again??? Can anyone help?

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