Dishonored 2 with No Powers and No HUD is Insane

With Bethesda announcing that Dishonored 2 will have New Game Plus, perhaps it’s worth playing your second play-through with No Powers on Very Hard.

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  1. I personally found more stuff the second time around. I didn't do the very hard mode, but I did no detection and clean hands without powers. Now that was fun.

  2. I had already replayed the game 5 times before I decided to try a no powers playthrough, and oh boy was it so much fun. At that point I already knew the layout of the levels and the best paths you can take to your objective, but all of that gets thrown out the window when you don't have the ability to use blink or far reach and you have to observe your environment and figure out how to traverse it by climbing around, it's challenging but extremely rewarding and it feels so satisfying to finish a level non lethally and as a ghost without using powers.

  3. The swordplay did not give a good tutorial. It's the same as D1. You just feint your sword strike to decide what direction to swing your blade

  4. I think this is a first time we can say that the game is over engineered… no, overdesigned. Even when you hit the most stripped version of it, there are still a lot of cues and signaling on your current situation.

  5. I feel like the person reviewing this is just bad at the game it's not that hard its just not as easy to maneuver between areas quicker

  6. It took me 4 years to complete my shadow, clean hands, Flesh and Steel, Very Hard playthrough….
    because it was my first playthrough.
    By comparison, it took me less than 2 weeks to complete my high chaos, second playthrough.

  7. That's more like it! 😎
    Make a WW2 spy game like that, set in occupied France. Ohhhhh yeah!
    'scuse me while I clean up the drool

  8. Just piece of cake for me, you just need to get familiar with your sword and learn how to parry. Start using your grenade and guns and other stuffs. You still an overlord in the very hard level no power mode game without the need to play stealthy. Just go in bang the guards face , slide kick , parry and wreck them into the doom.

  9. I have gotten fairly good at combat. Which gets easier with upgrades. My overall difficulty varies on average, but I tend to amp up the guards on custom difficulty. The only things I really make normal or not hard is that there is more ammo and elixirs are at least average. When I kill five guys at in one fight without being touched it feels pretty good. Of course with no powers that also means no passive powers so… no more deflecting bullets like a jedi.

  10. Im on mission 3 far into it and idk, i like it alot but a lil disappointed for lack of guards and how easy u can just bash all once u get the hang of the combat even on hardest settings. Hope later missions are more packed. Also the areas are cool with ways to find but there's not much optional objectives and guards to make it a challenge and target to it.

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