5 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Are Genuinely Convincing

In celebration of the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Lucy and Tamoor take a look at some of the most convincing Harry Potter fan theories.

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  1. It can’t be a dream. If he was 11 why would he talk about Ginny and cho in a loving way ? Surely no 11 year old would have feelings that bad for someone

  2. Am sure JKR has already said most of these to be false theories. Especially Draco being a werewolf and that it was all in Harry's head and none of it happned.

  3. So you want to tell that the reason behind the dursleys being so mean to harry was because harry was a horcrux?????

    Well then here you go I challenge you…
    I hope you must have read the first chapter "The boy who lived". If you would have then you would possibly notice how uncomfortable Vernon Dursley became when he anticipated something which is not so " normal" was happening around him. At that time harry hadn't even come to live with them. So this theory completely doesn't make any sense. The reason behind why the dursleys hated harry and as a matter of fact everything about the wizarding community is explained in a sketchy way in the first chapter of the first book and in a detailed way in the chapter number 34," The Prince's Tale"of the last book…

    Hope you get this. Thank you have a good day…

  4. Maybe Harry wrote all those novels or got them written and presented it as a solution to the ministry to hide the muggle suspicions once for all.

  5. Another theory which I find convincing is that the prophecy isn't true because voldemort's AK rebounded from him meaning that he killed himself,not Harry.There's also the fact Sybill Trelawny is a fraud meaning that the prophecy could be false.

  6. Look, hear me out.
    This is not a fucking coincidence, there is so many people that now are feeling an extremely powerful connection with Hogwarts out of nowhere, and I am pretty sure that it could be something like a sign to all the witches and wizards that didn’t knew abt the fact that they begin to a magical world. Like, come on guys, there is to many signs and ”coincidences".

  7. 1. rita skeeter never wrote a bio of harry potter and let’s say she did how would she know stuff even thought she wasn’t there for example how would she you know about his life at the dursley’s or that he was hunting horcruxes bruh and let’s be honest HARRY DOES’NT LIKE THE SPOTLIGHT AND FAME AND HATES RITA SKEETER


    3. Yes there are elections in the ministry. but the muggle pm Doesn’t know shit about sphinx and dragons in the hbp 1st chapter bruh just read it

    4. Draco is not a werewolf that joke voldy made in malfoy manor is because the tonks is married to lupin (werewolf) and tonks mother is andromeda who is bellatrix and narcissa sister so dumb

    5. It’s not a dream let’s say he did die and how would you explain when he died in the deathly hallows? It’s not a dream how could he be dreaming for like 37ish years or so?

    I hate harry potter fan theory’s they’re so dumb and easily debunkable only good ones are SCB and seamus gorman

  8. I don't think the Dursley's were under the influence of a horcrux because then at Hogwarts he spent a lot of time with Ron and Hermione and other Gryffindors and they weren't under the influence of one

  9. If being around Harry all day caused the Dursleys to be so nasty, why did he not affect the other Muggles he was around before going to Hogwarts (i.e., schoolmates and teachers)? Why did he not affect the fellow students at Hogwarts?

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