Wasteland 3 – Live-Action Announcement Trailer

Get ready to conquer the cold in Wasteland 3.

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  1. im from detroit and that ending killed me lol.

    on a side note id love to see some sort of post apocalyptic rpg take place here, especially a fallout.

    the motown music would set the vibe for the game.

  2. This sounds awesome! I played wasteland 2 two times through and loved it. Love fallout 1&2, baldurs gate 1&2, Icewinddale 1&2, pillars of eternity, tyranny. Tomorrow Torment: Tides of Numenera gets released and today I discover Wasteland 3 is coming! AAAAAAHHH!! Im going crazy!!!! And this trailer was actually funny! AND the stuff they want for wasteland 3 sounds awesome, Im so excited for vehicles! We have not had vehicles for too long! Was Fallout 2 the last time??

  3. Man I need this game. Everything else is such shit these days. This might be the last good game to ever come out in my book.

  4. If Brian Fargo were to actually sell out his actual shit, I would still play with it… I don't know I would try to build a house with it or something…

  5. Colin McComb had the right idea. He knew the political climate and it’s comedy show was too much for him.

    Also, I dont know why but… I think the next game might have honey badgers.

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