Trailer Supercut: All Rogue One Clips In Chronological Order

“Rebellions are built on Hope.” We hope we got the order right in this supercut from every Rogue One trailer.

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  1. For over a thousand generations, the jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old republic. before the dark times, Before Disney

  2. I hope she doesn't die in the end and they take her family crest (a phoenix) and make it the rebellions symbol in her honor. i couldn't take another retcon to the continuity to like that.


    so Mads Mikkelsen said he has scenes with Jyn Erso at ages 4 8 and whatever age Felcity Jones is this the first star wars movies with flashbacks then? force awakens had a vision scene and revenge of the sith had a dream of padme dying but did the other prequels or the originals have flashbacks

  4. Now, I havent seen the movie, so dont take what I say too seriously. But, I'm sure that this is still not entirely in chronological order. The first shot is from the beach, that the major battle scene is seen later at the end of this video. And that bazaar with that huge shootout, with Donnie Yen, I'm sure is in the same general time frame with Forest Whitaker.

  5. I feel like this movie is going to play out a lot differently than people think. In terms of the scenes. I don't think this is the chronological order that the movie will play.

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