Top 6 New Features in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is shaping up to be the most significant addition to the series in years. From the behemoths to the beta changes, Spencer lists Battlefield 1’s top new features.

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  1. Im glad everyone thinks bf1 sucks because its not only in the trenches. if you like trench warfare go play verdun. The game is fun, so who cares if its not completely historically accurate. The developers arent saying this game is textbook and you should learn from it. If you dont like it, go play infinite warfare.

  2. To be honest I'd change nothing, and well for all the imbecilic fools out there criticizing this video well they can either shut it, or I'll sow their pretty mouths shut. This video wasn't talking about brand new features it was talking about shit we haven't either seen or we have but it's been forever, and this type destruction we have not seen, and with that mortar it's new compared to what it use to be. It's all pretty much new in its own unique way so think before you open up those pathetic mouths.

  3. im impressed how this guy made several comparisons to bfbc2 and how the feel of that game was missed in bf3 and bf4. sounds like a real bf player for a change. good stuff. never have i been so excited to play again. this game surely looks promising, thanx for the video.

  4. This is one of the best shooters the genres has come up with. Thank God, Dice had the courage to take the leap of faith and go back in time…

  5. that gun that the pilot uses, is that class specific to the pilot or can I use that on one of the 4 main classes? I really like that gun and I don't want to have to be a pilot to use it

  6. You know what I wanna see Dice Do… They have never done this… Make Their Game with one Difficulty mode online. No AUTO AIM, No health regeneration, no minimap, no hud display, real weapon and explosive damage to infantry and 100% no revives! IT IS WAR! Just plenty of restarts…

  7. I just wish they would change the mechanics for healing and reviving. The Last of Us Online got it right but just littering the ground with med packs to heal or a stab with a needle to revive isn't realistic, challenging or fun.

  8. In my opinion the only thing battlefield 1 needs is a competitive game mode(5v5). I already have the game and quite enjoy playing it, yet my cravings for some more competitive game modes continues to grow inside me. Am I alone in thinking this ;-;

  9. It shows why this franchise was so superior to others first person shooter, nothing new for me, i still think bad company 2 is the best and now that BF4 is fix is great.

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