Five Things We Learned from Final Fantasy XV

The open world, the combat, we cover the top 5 things we learned playing through the first five chapters of Final Fantasy XV.

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  1. never even asked "what are the negatives of the combat system." Or anything like that. This is very much sponsored by SE.

    I'm buying this game day one but I would appreciate both pros and cons, not just focusing on what you like because of cha-ching. downvoted.

  2. This is probably gonna push out gta 5 for most game played on my Xbox, I've played more gta in the last 3 years than any other game. But this is gonna blow that out the water

  3. the gameplay is super real. the eating mechanics. If the game were to allow mods, it would be better than skyrim. People would play this forever. Skyrim is still played to this day. mods really extend the lifetime of the game.

  4. This a random thought, but I find it funny @2.04 that Noct and friends can stop a punch from giant beings such as Titan who are 1000000x their size, yet they can barely push their luxurious broke down car lol

  5. How long do the food boosts last? Like eating something that increases attack by 40, that isn't permanent correct? Does it just last for the entire next day? What's the duration?

  6. you guys should just delete that other embarrassing video with that clueless guy. Why'd you even upload that video when you already have this?

  7. I'm sorta disappointed that Lightning was in 3 sorta average to mediocre games, but FFXV looks really good at there won't be Lightning 🙁 …. I just made myself sad… 🙁

  8. could this guy be any less enthusiastic? Sounds like he has a gun to his head. I loved the demo, but I dont believe a word this dude says because he sounds so apprehensive.

  9. My main worry with this game is if the combat's actually challenging for a veteran action-rpg player, since most games nowadays are easy as hell, and this one looks like so if you ask me. I hope it really does make you use every option it gives you. An easy game bores me to death, no matter how good the story is. A good story is enhanced by challenging gameplay, that makes seeing every part a rewarding process, IMO.

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