Civilization VI – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Civilization VI.

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  1. Would be cool if Civ allows us to create our own Leader and play through the game as him/her and their descendants. And their apparel changes according to timeline and stuff.

  2. This is the story of the God power couple that led humanity to the stars i guess. The male dude in the trailer? Elon Musk. This is his autobiography.

  3. why release a game like that on the same day battlefield 1, I love both games but can only afford 1 an put time into. it sucks but I still enjoy the trailer, I it does well.

  4. This isn't a knock against Civ or anything, thoroughly enjoy the game but…

    Usually their trailers just make me think of games I'd rather be playing instead. Ya know, actually be involved in the action as is portrayed here.

  5. You know the irony? This game forcefully implement random female leaders to follow an agenda… But the counselor (servant) of the immortal Sean Bean is a woman, lol But, political correctness aside, this game and 'Inside' are the best games of the year thus far. Maybe Last Guardian can impose a challenge (I hope so).

  6. Why Didn't Sid Meier's put Africa Ethiopian Aksum Kingdom in Game They Are Up there with Rome Egypt and Carthage an Nubia Ethiopia Aksum had The Longest Afrikan Empire in World they also Beat Back and Defeated The Italia With Guns and they had there Own Body Armour an Weaponry Swords early Religion before Converting over the Christians Culture they also had Oromo Cavalry Which fought Under the Two Afrikan Ethiopian Kings Menelik II & African Ethiopian King Yohannes in the earlier Kingdom's they also Defeated Nubia Kush So Why Are they Not in the Game it don't make sense ??? And Why Hannibal Barca an Carthage The Carthagians is Not in Game as Well Add Great African Ethiopia Aksum Aksumite and Carthage Carthagians Did Meier's

  7. Anyone else here in 2020 while Epic is giving this game away for free and wondering why so many people put their hate on a game they have never played because they didn't get exactly what they wanted – for free?

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