Can the PS4 Pro Really Run 4K?

We got to test drive the PS4 Pro! Jimmy educates on whether 4k can really by achieved by the PS4 Pro.

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  1. Is there any news on whether the PS4 Pro will allow you to run 1080p but with a higher frame rate instead of the 4K? If this were the case it'd probably be worth the upgrade for many 1080p TV owners, and the only reason I'm sticking to PC is because not all games are 60fps yet.

  2. you know i just realized something… this console generation is too focused on making the games we already have look prettier, and not focused enough on actually making them GOOD GAMES! if i can go back and play ps1, ps2, and ps3 games that are better than the games of THIS generation then that's a problem! I am not a graphics whore, soon enough the ps5 is going to come out and everyone is going to look at the ps4's games and say "they don't look good". the fact is i no longer care about graphics the pro is not for me, i just want my ps4 to have more good games and i want the same for xbox because that platform doesn't have enough good exclusives to justify a purchase in my opinon. you guys keep arguing about fps and resolution i'll just enjoy the GOOD games that do come out, F*ck graphics, graphics will make you spend hundreds of dollars when you could just play the game for the gameplay and the story and the fun of it! thats what games are for!

  3. first of all, the PS4 Pro CAN run native 4K
    secondly, waiting for new games to finally buy it… that is what the xbox promoters want it to happen… in order for them to say, ´´xbox, the most selling console in the US and UK“, ´´four months in a row, five months in a row, six months in a row“ etc.
    the truth is that console gaming is getting too close of the same quality as the PC, and that bothers a lot of people

  4. im going to be upgrading my tv soon..had my full hd Samsung for 4years now so will buy this next year when itr a bit cheaper! plus it will up my vr experience too!

  5. Everybody talking about the damn 4k and yes I understand the video is about 4k but, does anyone care about the 1TB? I mean 4k upscaling is cool but, the memory I'm actually thrilled about!

  6. a ps4 pro or xbox scorpio cant and will never run 4k without the help of graphic card like the Titan z or Titan x in order to have those consoles run true 4k they will need a slot to fit those cards just like in a pc

  7. I bought a 65" LG 4k hdr ? with a ps4 pro and I can't believe how awesome the games look. PC gamers can talk smack all they want about how its not true 4k but guess what? I bet you couldn't come close to getting these kind of visuals on a computer for $400.

  8. im a console and a pc game i am going to be honest no console right now can beat the graphics of a gaming pc ofcource the xbox scorpio cant beat gaming pc.NOW DONT BE ANGRY THAT I STATED THE OBVIOUS JUST TELLING IT TO THOSES PEOPLE WHO DONT UNDERSTAND

  9. Buy the pro and sell the old system =you get some of the money back anyway at least half so y would I care if I'm only basically paying $200 for an upgrade exactly.hustle mentality wins

  10. PS4 PRO do not stream 4K on Vudu, Prime, Netflix, Hulu, nothing. No 4K disc. No 4K games. PS4 PRO don't play anything in 4K. I should take my TV back. Thank God for the 4K apps that's built in to my Samsung TV.

  11. Don’t worry, the PS4 OMEGA will have true 4K and also have 4 layers! Instead of the 3 layers in the PS4 pro. It will also be $525 and you all will be complaining about the price. So when u switch to Xbox you will be complaining about the exclusives, then when you switch to the NINTENDO SWITCH you will be complaining about the controller design and feel. Then when you switch to PC…


    You will be happy.


  12. Ps4 pro runs on i3 using old CPU

    remember liux base system need a lot of power

    Because sony modded Linux to be a system than a pc

    they remove half thing you can do

    do you think ps4 pro really 2018 or 2019 to you
    Orbis OS

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