Why Gotham Is a Batman Series Worth Watching

With Gotham season three underway, Tamoor makes a case for why you should be watching the Batman prequel series.

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  1. Damn unlike I guess most of you guys I enjoyed season 1 the most it was more grounded to reality don’t get me wrong I know it’s a Batman show but… it is more grounded for the most part and personally I liked the look of a cop trying to bring together a city that’s in a void of crime

  2. Season 1 isn't the best but it sets up the crime world and half way decent plot start before the craziness insues the start sets up a great starting force before the science fiction sets in. It's good world building.

  3. I'm not into super hero sort of stuff or whatever. I have watched everything good on Netflix already though, and need something to binge. Who knows….I may like it lol ?

  4. Anyone knows a video where they dont fucking spoil it because i am tryna decide if i am going to watch it or nah but i could only watch 2 minutes of this shit because he Said there would be spoilers

  5. What people failed to realize with this show is that it's Smallville for Batman. Period. Throughout Smallville, Clark Kent meets almost everyone who in the comics and other media, that he shouldn't have met until he left for Metropolis and became Superman. The premises of both shows are almost identical. You watch both characters up until the moment they don their respective costumes for the first time, but no one caught that.

  6. This is a good series. I think that the creators are messing up by not tieing this series in with any of the movies. So much potential that is being wasted by these creators.

  7. die hard batman fan here and i was supper skeptical about watching this… when i tell you it’s 4:45 am on a school night and i have spent the last 6 and a half hours watching this i mean it lol. amazing show and i haven’t even made a dent in it

  8. For a batman fan that only has time for the games and movies, gotham is an incredible story that lets me fill my understanding and love about batman and that this is not about the batman, but about a rotten city with good people trying their best. I hated that they changed selina on the last episode tho, she deserved to be there

  9. What’s the point of making a video recommending a show if you’re gonna put spoilers in it. If you’re gonna target it to people who haven’t watched it then why show the one thing you know those people wouldn’t want to watch, it kinda defeats the point

  10. I'm just like you a Batman fan I love watching this show I'm obsessed with the Batman character one of my favorite superheroes of all time been around for a long time
    It has changed my entire life growing up watching this show all my heart I think Batman is one of my favorite superheroes of all time I think Gotham the TV show done a great job this away how it was betrayed in it the cartoon version I am so surprised many years changing the cartoon is why live-action film TV series only way into the cannon I can't wait to see the next Batman movie from 2022 coming soon to theaters the movie takes place after the events of the TV series season 5 finale when Batman is being Batman over two years since the TV series in in a epic showdown Gotham City

  11. The best thing about Gotham is that it doesn’t have season long storylines, rather it uses story archs, season 2 for instance has three different storylines with gallavan riddler and Indian hill. It doesn’t try to stretch out storylines like the flash in season 5

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