Who Should Upgrade to a PS4 Pro?

Jimmy and Scott sit down and discuss Sony’s new Playstation 4 Pro console, and whether or not the specs are worthy of an upgrade. From 4K resolution, to high dynamic range, they break down the system’s graphics capabilities, and take a closer look at how powerful it really is.

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  1. hey brother it's there any way I can recover my old ps4 games , I trying to buy the new console ps4 pro , what do I need to do ? can you made a tutorial video for it , if you can , thanks for you time

  2. I had a XBOX One S and a 4K with HDR. I sold them both because it was just bullshit. The only game worth was Horizon 3 with HDR but most games looks so ugly and even worst then a XBOX 360 games if u are using 4K settings on Xbox. As result onf FPS games and other u will have ALOTEEEE lag and delays even at high end TVs. So this blabla about 4K is just marketing and a lie. I now own a 1080p TV and I wanna buy a PS but Im kinda affraid to go for the PS4 Pro. Will I have more stable Frames? There is no patch so yes I know it wont do much. But since frames are locked at 30 frames and anyone knows that GTA drops to 22 FPS many times. Since we have here better Hardware capable to run even at 60 frames with more details… can we expect that the game will have NO DROPS atleast with the Pro?

  3. Hey guys, please, I need help from you. Austin didn't say anything about PS4 Pro gaming on a monitor. I am gonna buy a PS4 Pro this Christmas, but I wonder if I'll be having problems with the resolution while playing on a 24 inch HD monitor that has an HDMI port. For example, bad resolution or anything like that? Please someone with that kind of knowledge, answer, I would appreciate it a lot!

  4. ps4 pro trash af …why the fuck we care if the PS pro can watch Netflix in 4k dumbass ..most all 4k TVs are smart TVs we can watch 4k already bastards didn't put a 4k blue Ray player cuz there cheap dickheads..

  5. I been a Sony fan forever since ps1 I've never owned a Xbox ever ..but I can honestly say 100 dollars cheaper for the Xbox 1 s it's smaller faster and comes with a 4k blue Ray player I actually have bought a Xbox ND can thank Sony they lost a loyal ps4 gamer .

  6. Looking forward to getting this later today. I don't have a 4K TV but you can still notice better visuals, FPS, better load times, etc.. Only reason I'm getting it is because my current PS4 acts as if it's falling apart so I might as well get the best since I gotta get a new one anyways

  7. I have the o.g ps4 but my wife got me a 65" LG 4k hdr TV so I decided to upgrade to the pro. When I put in Bloodborne in and let opening cenimatic I was completely blown away. It was like I was playing it for the first time. The fire in the levels looked so life like and the enemies and bosses had so much detail it was amazing.
    I went to the movies to watch passengers and when the movie said "showing in 4k" I thought to myself in prideful glee… TV looks like this,if not better. So if our on the fence about the ps4 pro and want or have a 4k TV DO IT !!! You will not believe your eyes.

  8. i just bought the og ps4 , should i have bought the pro instead?, i'm scared that the pro will soon have exclusive games, will that happen?

  9. DONT GET IT as soon as I hooked it in it glitched out and froze and I cant turn it on again brand new TV and ps4 pro GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SONY…

  10. I have a standard PS4 slim and i have a really good 60' LG 4k tv. I really want the pro but I wanna know where's a good place to trade in my PS4 for a pro at a cheaper price. I know Gamestop trade in value is at $150. So I can get a pro for around $250. But are there any better deals than that?

  11. I feel like in this interview the guy is aware the ps4 pro sucks as he’s saying all this????nothing I see is positive everything is followed up with a “but”

  12. F*** ps4 pro and psn in general. The pro is not worth anything. I have a brand new pro and haven't been able to game for a month now and I am not the only pro member who is going through this . It's happening to all models but mainly the pro. Weeks ago the console stopped connecting to online servers and hasn't showed any signs of fixing. psn does not care either. I have had everything replaced and a note from my internet provider staying my internet runs flawless. Changed everything out even under ground cables. I will never trust don't again . I am screwed . Missed bo4 beta twice now. Losing subscribers daily and I am poor af and cannot do shit about it. I regret saving my money for year s now. I paid for ps plus one year and got a few months out of it lol they screwed me and could care less

  13. does anyone know if the PlayStation 4 pro,
    is backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games I may get it if thats the case also I am still confused can u play a blu-ray movie, on the ps4 pro? can it handle that technology?

  14. Sure it is worth it, definitely, i upgrade ps3 to ps4 Pro straight, but because i had bought already 4K hdr tv, it just happen, i wasn't really planned that, i shouldn't even ever buy ps4 but so i did.

  15. But if you have only full hd tv, i don't think it would be senseable buy, but definitely if you have 4K hdr tv, in that case is senseable buy absolutely ps4 Pro?

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