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The Surprising Depth Of Horizon Zero Dawn's New Gameplay

Featuring pre-release gameplay from Guerilla Games’ new action RPG, this interview with director Mathijs de Jonge covers the importance of creating a challenging experience for players, emergent gameplay, and how different tribes affect gameplay.

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  1. horizon zero dawn,the last Guardian,red dead redemption 2,final fantasy 15,legend of Zelda breath of wild…next year game of the year decision would be very difficult

  2. I'm really excited about this game. I will have wait until summer or so to play it but I love it already. I trust it will be as good as it seems to be.

  3. this game looks amazing. I hope it sells well so it can become a staple series for Playstation. I have a feeling it's going to get great reviews.

  4. My god this game looks stunning. Now let's hope the gameplay are great as well. I like how he describes music changing as the player moves to a different environment and fog of war as features even though they've already been in videogames for ages xD. Good to know it'll have fog of war I suppose ;p.

  5. Personally am most exited about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Breath of the wild (more my type of game) but this games looks interesting to, will also try FF 15 when I come around and get a ps4.

  6. I wish they did something other than just the animal robots but I've seen other much more creative robots in the game. I'm still pre ordering and I'm hoping it lives up to the hype.

    Every time im going on youtube there is always some trading HZD videos, poor me ffs im waiting for this game one year now -.-

  8. First game that im gonna play on the maximum difficult from the start.
    Gonna explore everything like DORA, gotta catch them all ! ! !
    LETS GO GUERILLA! Well done ♥

  9. Don't do yourself a disservice by playing this game on anything else, but the hardest difficulty. It's more fun and rewarding to play this game that way.

  10. I really wish they release a remaster of this running at 60fps on ps5 along side the new Zero Dawn 2. This game is by far the best game of this generation.

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