Sniper Elite 4 – Gameplay Trailer

Sniper Elite 4 will feature an extra campaign mission, Target Führer, for those who pre-order.

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  1. Great games have great story lines like "Sniper elite " he tells you what he,s going to do and where he's going and all about the war and the actual footage was great ! ( great for the game !) not for what happened to all of the innocent people that died !
    please people that made the "sniper elite " series can you make a "jungle " warfare game ?( maybe the Japanese war era !) I would certainly buy your game .

  2. I dont like this game, because it wont let me stay hidden (in secret). This game is lacking covers for sniper rifle shots.(unlike Sniper elite 3). Only way to stay unspotted is using silenced pistol, but in big areas it is not very convinient weapon.

  3. Another shitty low budget game.

    Rip video games. Face it guys, video games are dead. You pay 90$ for a shitty open world game with repetitive bullshit.

    Don't expect any good games to come out any time soon

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