NBA 2K17 Review

With 2KU training mode and MyCAREER college to pro ride, NBA 2K17’s excitement is contagious.

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  1. The last great sports game was Blitz The League.
    If I can't make the other team play shitty by sending prostitutes to their hotel rooms the night before the game, then it ain't shit.

  2. This is worse than IGN's review – they did NOT play the game for very long. Tons of stuff is broken…. it's basically 2k16 with polish on old stuff + new broken features.

    You can tell he didn't get far because he focuses a lot on the college time (the INTRO to the game) and then just reads the back of the 2k box.

  3. I am sure it still lags online. sports games are the worst online. I can play Halo and COD and overwatch no lag but sports games always have a 2 sec delay

  4. What a terrible review, the guy that did it was it his first time playing nba2k?!??! I bet 2k paid you to do this as theres completly no details about game just some random info that you could say about any nba2k game haha what a crap

  5. For all of yall hating on him for not even going over most of the game, or not addressing any of the potentially "game-breaking" glitches. If you guys can take the time to read the description there's a link to an "in-depth" review!

  6. Why are you guys giving this fake bullshit review? You know damn well 2k paid you for this review. Be real with the fans and admit this game is ASS

  7. 2k needs to stop making games ever year just update the roster .2K needs a break to come back with something FRESH because this game looks and plays awful just get 2k16 and play the hell out of that

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