Mother Russia Bleeds – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Mother Russia Bleeds.

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  1. That feeling when you are Russian, and you understand what he says

    То чувство, когда ты русский и понимаешь, что он говорит

  2. people talking about wanting a MRB animated series, no such thing unfortunately, but pretty sure the same animation company made the CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED "Lastman" animation series that's totally got the same vibes as this trailer, ultra-violence and all.

  3. Nekro is a borderline illegal combat drug in the Imperium, due to the believed association of Nekro with the Chaos God Khorne. It has proven popular among Khornate cultists, and enough Nekro can even go toe-to-toe against the combat drug Frenzon.

  4. 100% клюква
    the video is based on Russophobia and stereotypes.
    only a stupid savage can think that something at least somewhat close is happening in the Russians.
    and in general, the main thing is not what the nationality is called, but what is the dominant ideology and what is the social system there. all the worst that was attributed to the USSR was in capitalist countries (as a silent norm), while in the USSR inhumanity and injustice simply contradicted the law and the very ideology of communism.
    it does not matter what a person calls himself, it is important how he acts, what he says for.
    to call a communist does not mean to be one.
    The USSR was destroyed by traitors in power (false communists who destroyed the country, calling themselves communists and compromising the people), who occupied the Central Committee of the CPSU after Stalin's death.

  5. I like how the narrator is actually Nekro speaking to the characters simultaneously at once telling them that they can only get that far to where they each are with the dependence of Nekro.

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