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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Watch the trailer, featuring new gameplay from Guerilla Games’ action-RPG, teasing Game Informer’s month of exclusive content on Horizon Zero Dawn rolling out at

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  1. What a beautiful fucking game, and the gameplay seems great as well. Did we ever even have a dutch game developing team make a big title? Hell did we even ever had one period?

  2. Thank you Game Infomer youtube,i will watch all the videos on Horzion Zero Dawn.i was hoping a Ashly Burch interview too but it doesnt look like you did, shes the voice of Aloy.

  3. I never played killzone but Horizon zero dawn is my most anticipated game ever. I pre ordered the collector's edition. I can't wait for 28 Feb 2017 and the aloy statue to be on my collector's wall. I'm so HYPED.

  4. things that I've noticed about all these gameplay and trailer distance shots is that the map stretches off so far into the distance, it's ridiculous!

  5. I hope they remake Alloys (?) face. Shes as ugly as Quiet from TPP. Jesus, man what happend to the times when cyber babes had hot faces??

  6. u guys didnt make just an ''RPG'' u guys made a TIME EATER that will keep me hours or maybe days on console i only hope u dont fk up the story and gametime on this game i wish the game would be more thant 40+ hours to play 😀 KEEP IT UP!!

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