Gears of War 4 – Horde 3.0 Premiere Trailer

Fan favorite five player co-op mode, Horde, returns with Gears of War 4 and with it comes a landslide of new features including character classes, skills, abilities and much more.

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  1. My favorite will always be Horde from gears of war 3 why ant they make it like that instead of mixing that judgment game mode and horde… I miss the those times.

  2. I love gears a lot since day 1 of gow 1 but seriously robots don't make since in gow I mean I love it so much that I got the console the elite controller headset plus hardrive but still I don't like the idea of robots in gow

  3. looks like it will be fun. Not that half of the people in the comment section give a dam about fun. You guys remember a game called star wars battlefront that they remade? Yeah it looked amazing and it sounded awesome but it was the most unfun featureless crap i had ever laid eyes on. Now we get something that has gameplay and looks fun to play and it's all "UGGHH it's not 9999k graphics, this fantasy game isn't realistic looking enough" seriously does anyone play games for fun anymore is it all LOOK AT THIS TREE IT'S 8K RES TAKE MY £60 what? no story? or game? it's fine, it's got the best graphics.

  4. gears of war is honestly trash now from a fan that has played since the first gears and have experienced every bit of emotion from this game franchise this is honestly the dumbest shit I have ever seen how the fuck are you going to disrespect Dominique Santiago wtf a zombie dom I honestly will not be paying money for this trash.

  5. No, don't tell me that they are going to ruin Gears 4's Horde mode with that class based shit they did in in Judgement.

    One of the great things about previous Horde modes is that you could play as whatever character you wanted and assume any role that you wanted. If the class system are locked to specific characters like it was in Judgement then that is a deal breaker for me (yes I am that petty).

  6. Using Team Fortress 2 names to identify the classes. So… Does that mean we can taunt in this mode? Or at least hear the "Scout" say: "Eat my dust"?

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