For Honor: The Raider – Viking Gameplay Trailer

Watch new For Honor gameplay, and meet the Raider of the Viking faction. This hero, along with five others, will be playable in the upcoming alpha.

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  1. I think you guys forgot to say they didn't have horns …… like do you have to say the same shit over and over ? Do you think someone gives a fuck about realism in game where samurais , knights and vikings are fighting ?

  2. Guys, this is a fantasy game… Stop saying this isn't historically accurate. Plus recent digs have shown some interesting evidence of horned helmets.
    I swear Raiders are going to be the jerks of the game when they pick you up

  3. This game is another Titanfail. The lack of weapons, character, armor and variety will bore gamers in a matter of hours. Also notice it how is completely devoid of archers and range characters in a siege environment.

  4. First off we know the graphics in game right now aren't going to be as good as the final game and probably a lot of features, how good the game flows etc.

  5. Just posting this for the people who want to spam "VIKNS HAD NU HERND HELMT GRRR" There were Norsemen who had horns on their helmets it is not uncommon within warrior cultures including the Samurai with their horned helmet "Kabuto", so technically there were "Vikings" that had horned helmets. Not far from where I live there is a museum which has one of these horned helmets made of bronze.

  6. People need to stop complaining. I have some information for you people who's stating that vikings didn't wear horned helmets. No, they didn't but some but some ritual executioners did as a tradition when they sacrificed a volunteer servant of the jarl to escort him to valhalla. You're providing shallow information if you say that no vikings wore horned helmets. This is a great game and horned helmets looks badass so stop complaining.

  7. omg horned helmets. We weren't there. the conclusion is based off of a handful of Intact artifacts that have survived the ages. horned helmets have been found; though the "experts" claim (strictly for ceremonies). we're they used in combat?? why not. id wear one. and to use the impractical card I mean come on. unless you put one on and fight whilst wielding a sword how would you know. the bronze age is riddled with horned helmets and nobody questions their practicality

  8. all through history you see it. Greek helmets had those decorations on them. some Roman ones. even those early Medieval illustrations show mounted Knights with sometimes very exaggerated plumes on them. It's really crazy how generalizations like the Viking horn helmet crisis take off.

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