Final Fantasy XV – Official World of Wonder Tour of Eos with Noctis

Take a tour of Eos with Noctis, and see the world through his eyes.

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  1. damn people bitching about it got downgraded because the graphics they saw in a recent gameplay showing, maybe if they would research some more they would find out that the game got delayed until November 29th so they can fix any bugs and polish the game some more to the highest quality than they would stop their bitching already

  2. -cut/rewrite everything, spit in the face of everyone waiting since the Versus days
    -have no direction ability, have to overhaul game system based on fan feedback several times like a clueless suit
    -have no thematic vision, XV trailers are all empty mishmashes with no clear theme, in total contrast to the masterfully constructed Versus trailers
    -start all sorts of stupid side projects from anime to a movie to phone games
    -frame the title as Japanese console gaming's last stand
    -completely shit the bed at the last E3 before release
    -a month away from release, the game is so horrendous on the technical level that they have to delay it, despite holding a giant event celebrating the release date
    This is gonna be one for the history books. I can feel it in my bones. They fucked up on everything there was to fuck up. No amount of delaying will fix this. They would have to start from scratch at this point.

  3. I'll certainly join this ride to find the truth, FFXV looks fantastic, it's because of this game I'm going to give the FF franchise a shot, while I'm waiting for November I'll try FFVI and FFVII since they are the only ones I actually knew and heard about since I was a kid in the early 2000's ? any other FF games I should try??

  4. I don't want there to be any romance with Luna. Hopefully we can choose to just stay out of that whole romantic thing through choices……hopefully.

  5. yes noct i will and did im on my 5th playthrough love this game so much hands down one of my fav ff so far my top 10 are
    10 FF MQ
    9 FF 8
    8 FF 12
    7 FF 7
    6 FF 5
    5 FF X
    4 FF 9
    3 FF 4
    2 FF 6
    1 FF 15

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