FIFA 17 Review

FIFA 17’s excellent fundamental gameplay, improved career mode, and best-in-class presentation make it this year’s best football game.

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  1. So far I love the gameplay. Might be favourite FIFA to date. The passing caters to people that like to pass and move. Really love how it plays. The A.I in clubs are still shite defensively but offensively the are capable of worldly passes on a consistent basis. Goalkeepers are somewhat better but still inconsistent. So far I'd rate this a 9

  2. Anyone know how to make a substitution during a match ? I remember just pausing the game for team management in other fifas, cant find it anywhere

  3. your review is fine, thanks
    but your score seems a bit hefty and undeserved, because you made it seem like the game has more issues then good

  4. I the gameplay of fifa 17 is odd. It feels i have less control of the players. Specially when you are in and around the box. Attackers are running weird. Throughballs are broken, and i have less control of shots. Still on attack, the game selects often the wrong players. So i pass unintended to the wrong guy. This way i sometimes lose the ball, loss the momentum to score. And no matter how the i or the gameplay sucks i still had to change the difficult level of the AI up to have some competition.

  5. how on earth is de gea's score is higher than Buffon?? and conversation options.. how about add an inventory and some spells? hope players now dont take strolls when they're defending or attacking

  6. Fuck FIFA. I have played it for years and never bothered with PES, but now they are forcing the major leagues down our throats like UEFA is trying to. Watford's 20k capacity shit hole is in the game, but 60k Parkhead and 50k Ibrox are not. Women's teams are shoe-horned in with their inflated stats, but Greek teams are not represented. PES can give people what they want it they improve the things around the game. Let FIFA and the big leagues eat themselves

  7. PES sucks in PC, if Konami can be smart PC Community also generate money, PES can be better but this year is so mediocre. EA Sports simply smarter due to the fact it looks fine in consoles and in PC, of course better in PC if yours is good enough… end of story!

  8. this game is terrible its went from fun to frustrating instead of making the game fun and easy its now making people mad and hard got to give it you this time EA sports you are officially first grade idiots 🙂

  9. All these improvements yet the servers are fucking shit absolutely fucking shit, freezing before any online game mode or even better wait for fucking ages just for it too disconnect

  10. A 9? A fucking 9? It's the worst FIFA to date, the referees are fucking woeful, keepers are pointless, dribbling feels like you're running through a bog, shooting is stupid all you have to do is shoot across the keeper and the fucking defending and set pieces my god I'm pretty sure ea is filled with down syndrome babies with 10 thumbs it's a fucking joke of a game

  11. Corner Kicks options are poor. The physics of movement of pace when shifting from sprinting to a moderate pace of the game is absolute mediocre performance another letdown from frostbite at EA Sports Fifa franchise series Headquarters is
    located in Vancouver, B.C., CA

  12. i dont get why if my opponent got a cheap bad internet andi pay for fiber, i lag just because he has bad internet… i honestly dont get why the people who pay for good internet should play with lag just because the opponent has bad internet… sry for bad english (its not my main language)

  13. Worst fifa yet. Passing is shit, shooting is shit, dribbling is shit, scripting is worse than ever, every game ends as a draw (because of scripting). Career mode is shit, I play on legendary and still win big games 10-0.
    0 effort put in this shit game, last fifa I'll ever buy

  14. Just when you think things couldn't be worse, by far the most dissapointing of all fifa games, as this was the first time to have a journey story mode you would of expected it to have been the start of a new fifa gaming system but that even failed total crap (pogba most expensive player always on the bench yeh good idea), it's the gameplay what gets to me the players are clumbsy the AI is totally messed up you try to do one thing the players do another you cannot win the free kicks always go well wide even when you get them spot on during practise mode, penalty system is crap all in all it is just a failure and full of glitches i have totally went off this game and it is now collecting dust on the shelf and i doubt i will ever purchase another football game as i have totally lost any passion for the game, i will also avoid anything to do with ea sports in the future, what the hell do canadians know about football anyway, FIFA 18 DON'T EVEN BOTHER unless another company takes it over and revamps the whole thing

  15. This game is a huge pile of junk shit, i hope fuckers from ea get punished. Fucking opponent shot 9 shots on target, i did 13 and i lost 1-5 , WHAT THE HELL??this game is as abysmal as it gets, HUGE SHIT

  16. Shit game. scripted to fuck. win 9 games in a row, next time u turn ur playstaion on you lose 1 0 to a shit player and your whole team is suddenly clueless. utter utter shit. i will never buy another fifa, every year they churn out the same old bollocks. At least pes tries to make the game realistic

  17. Fifa17 for me is the worst FIFA ever,so many bugs in..mertasacker can keep pace with bale,shielding is over powered,I dont like the set pieces especially free kicks,personally think fifa18 won't be different

  18. am i the only one who sees that there is a lot of crap in the game? most of the time players don't do the right move as per their positions (specially strikers) and through passes can make you break a controller….that extreme precision in directing the passes can be very frustrating and i don't even wanna talk about ball control! pfff

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