Dishonored 2 – Kill the Grand Inventor Trailer

Watch as Emily Kaldwin navigates the grand inventor’s treacherous and intricate Clockwork Mansion using her supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets – eliminating anyone who gets in her way.

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  1. They should add an option to to like join with this dude to find out how the connection to the outsider and his mark affects a human. Like how when he says I'll have you dissected. Possibly sacrificing your family member or something. See if anything scientific apply to the outsiders mark and the effects. Sorry I can't put my thoughts into words rn. Speculate with me.

  2. Holy fuck that part at the end was bone chilling and so epic! The torture stuff and how they compared good to bad mentalities and grey morality. Man stuff like this is why dishonored is my favorite game. Love how everything is connected in the world/ environment and the world itself tells a story. All the subtle things that tie in and different paths you can take that change the outcome of the future. One person can make a difference.

  3. That pull power looks so similar to corvo's blink but less epic. The main issues I have so far is that this game looks like it's going to be very easy and straight forward. I hope it's a little more varied and challenging with the enemy types. The power where people share each other's fate is so hax and I hope it's either limited to human's only or that it has limited use.

  4. I don't know if I'll even be bothered playing this game. I really don't like how the villan in this particular part of the story is an inventor. I like even less what Emily has to say about him. Like she's trying to say that all inventors are bad people. Like she hasn't killed anyone herself.

  5. I hope the stealthy pacifist playstyle is still viable and fun in this one. All the gameplay footage I've seen so far is very violent with sword blazing. My stealthy pacifist Corvo would've raised Emily to be better than that.

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