Destiny: Rise of Iron Opening Cinematic

Check out the opening cinematic from the new Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron.

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  1. Cool part is that you can tell who is who by their weapons. The hunter is Perun, female with the Heavy machine gun is Jolder, i saw someone shoot a shotgun he/she is Deidris. i wish they shown move of that scene.

  2. If anyone has destiny and all the dlcs downloaded on Xbox one, msg me. I need a gameshare XD I'm stuck at 335. My gt is Evaninator3000   if you have the collection pls gamshare

  3. He swung that two handed battleaxe so peacefully… very fucking horrible animation…Fuck Bungie. Lets also not talk about the narrator voice having no emotion or echo from dramatization.

  4. So she couldn't have just hit the button, walked through the slow moving doors, waited for them to close, and then detonated the OPPOSITE side of where she was??

  5. Wow, after learning that Rasputin used Siva to tear them apart all just to Kill Felwinter, this scene hits different.

  6. I can't wait for Ana Bray to finally finish putting Rasputin into an Exo body, only to watch Saladin throw him off of Felwinter Peak.

  7. Am I the only one getting serious Halo Reach vibes from this speech. Really amazing writing and voice acting. Everything just hits so well

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