Atlas Reactor – 'The Case' Cinematic Trailer

Check out this cinematic trailer for Atlas Reactor, created in partnership with Blur Studio.

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  1. I was hoping the game would be a lot better than it really was just from watching the trailer…Like a 3rd person shooter like ratchet and clank, then I saw what the game actually was and there were two very off putting things…The game is not nearly as high quality as you'd think from the trailer, texture wise I mean, the game turned out to be one of the type of games I've never liked, and through the whole game I'll let you guess how much music there was……….

    There was none. No music through the whole game.

  2. Shut the fupnickles up with the Overwatch comments and comment on the actual game!
    Its great, its fast, its interesting, its looks amazing and it has a ton of unique characters with very unique abilities!

    I usually hate these 2.5D, Top down games like WoW, LoL or things like that but this here is just 101% good!

    You like chess? you like pow-pow?
    Here: Chess with guns!

  3. Holy crap I finally managed to find this video after years. For context I watched this video while still in high school and I forgot what the game was called and for years I’ve been trying to find this again and I am so glad I finally found it

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