Operation Skull Rain Trailer – Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

In Operation Skull Rain, two new Brazilian BOPE operators join Team Rainbow to storm The Favela, a new free map in the third content update of the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass.

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  1. to be honest I'm not impressed two new ops and onbe free map the game has less content the star wars battlefront but it is ubi what can u really expect

  2. terrible game ! lol. really was hoping it was better when came out ! Ubisoft has gone down hill theses past years! Most the games released hardly work!

  3. Lol at Ubisoft trying to make Tachanka look good in this trailer. He's still the worst operator he dies 100/100 times he's on his turrets. Buff him already.

  4. In the Red Crow trailer, the operators spoke Japanese, but why in the Skull Rain trailer, the operators don't speak Brazilian?

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