No Man's Sky – Review in Progress

The infinite journeys presented by No Man’s Sky have only just begun, see what we’ve learned so far.

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  1. Whaaaa?! I can't play wit ma friends?! Why can't I play wit ma dudebros?!?! HER PA DERP. Seriously though if someone immediately dismisses a game due to lack of multiplayer, that shows lack of immersive ability. Your in space, your discovering monoliths, learning languages, trading with sentient alien species, your traveling through space at warp speed for Christ sakes. Take of your headset, turn off the lights and go on an adventure! Although in retrospect this game certainly isn't worth $60, at most it's worth $30.

  2. "because we only just begun our journey " what kind of game doesnt show its real self after 10 hours of playing ? i'll tell you its the shit kind of game !

  3. Where did this game come from normally I hear off the big games coming out didn't hear off this u till everyone was streaming this on PlayStation vid

  4. Instead of every planet just being wilderness why don't they add cities and large populated areas of sentient alien NPC's with thier own randomly generated quest line's?

    A galactic economy?
    Groups you could join?
    A crime system?
    Building planet destroying super weapons?

    Where is anything that would make this game interesting

  5. 18 hours of progress and 8.7 million credits with a pretty good ship all gone…playing on PC and the game was lagging so I saved and restarted only to be set back right to the start with nothing, square one. pretty upset on losing every suit mod plus tool mod I had earned and the progress in the galaxy. very hard to stay positive with this dev team no matter the size. they boast the game up. months months ago it had mmo and multi-player tags on steam now Sean won't even give a straight answer. Sony corrupted this small UK team. ruined the gem this game could be. doubt we will see any massive game impacting updates in the future. highly doubt this game will last long at all. Yeah Yeah it's epic adventure game I love a epic immersion game like this. yet with nothing much to do the massive scale really gets old fast and you see what shame this game is.

  6. honestly all you'll be doing it space combat over and over which feels like a old school game with great sound. to walking around planets finding more random monster that really have no thought put into them making them really feel lifeless they all just mostly do the same things jump around, run Away or attack. feed them and they walk so slow leading you to a place that can be so so far away for minor items the going back to a space station to sell things. the game really gets boring fast. and I love single player games this just has so little to offer for the price tag. little to offer after the fact that having such a massive space gets played out very fast.

  7. It's amazing how you can literally be given the universe, with massive beautiful massive planets, with more than plenty to do, such as trading, stealing, mining, exploring, lore and language finding, and more.. and you entitled little spoiled kids still call it a "walking simulator" n shit. Honestly, you millennials are the absolute worst

  8. Remember back in the day when we were happy with super Mario world and games like that? Now we see kids nowadays complain that the universe is literally not good enough. I miss the days when people would appreciate things

  9. this score was paid for, it was all flaws flaws same gameplay for the whole game gets repetitive after the first hour, then they say it examines the meaning of life and thus trumps all its flaws like what omg

  10. I like how the gaming community are complete fucking hypocrites right here. They're the ones who got overhyped by an indie game made by 13 PEOPLE. Hello Games never ever lured them to buy the game. They baited themselves. The general complaints from No Man's Sky are pretty much:
    1.) Omg every planet I go to are fucking wastelands with similar topography as the one I was in before (This is true and I don't know why they wanted realism in this context. I want SOMETHING to explore not NOTHING to explore).
    2.) Resource-gathering gets tedious and the fact that the inventory management system is shit doesn't help it either.
    3.) There are only about 15 elements in the game (Maybe as I go further into the center there's more but that's the only ones I know of).
    And there's some other problems too. Now let's get to the technical side.
    1.) The horrible pop-ins in mainly the PS4. If you have a beefy PC, pop-ins are much more uncommon.
    2.) The horrible FOV in the PS4. Why is there not an FOV Slider in the PS4 version?
    3.) The textures just look really clumsy and doesn't look nowhere near as good as the E3 Trailers.
    4.) The HORRIBLE color palette.
    5.) The crashes… let me not even get started on this one.
    6.) The straight up horrible PC Port.

    All in all this is a decent game from an indie studio. I already wasted about 30+ hours playing it. I hate my life. Lmao.

  11. Cool to see Gamespot take their time with a review, so the game can be completed first, if that's possible with No Man's Sky's practically endless universe. For basic exploration of outer space and planets, it delivers.

  12. Killer instinct // Ark / Elite Dengeros games that are not even finsh get a Score rigth of the back unfinish producs but PS4 games get a pass (will wait till developers fix all to do a review)

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