Madden NFL 17 Review

With Madden NFL 17, EA builds on the solid foundation set by the last two titles in this series to provide the most accessible and welcoming Madden in this console generation.

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  1. Wow! Madden fans are so gullible.They make the same game every year with small tweaks. I still play madden12 for xbox360 and the presentation of that game is better than 17. Where are the commentators? Player intros? Interviews? Madden needs to take a page from nba 2k!

  2. I haven't played a madden game since the PSP came out and was wondering if I should grab 17. I'm very new and casual to the series and wanted to know if I should drop $50 a $60 on this or grab 16 for $30

  3. Obscene rip off year on year by EA. Talk about treating your customers like sh*t. Give loyal mugs the opportunity to 'upgrade' FFS.

  4. I hate that there is still no game face..lets face it madden is the closest any of us will get to being in the nfl
    so to be able to creat your face would be great!

  5. I'm taking this bullshit game back. Computer controls my quarterback movement out of the snap so I can't make decision until it allows me user control. I play action every play even on NON play action plays.

    Computer already knows your plays so even when you audible, it will run your exact route. The DB's and safetys are 10 mph faster than you know matter what so even wide open they run you down. Game is garbage. No fun at all.

  6. Okay guys, I just bought PS4 and picked up the madden 17. What the hell is a patch? How do I get it??? I looked everywhere on the internet and it just talks about what it does never stated how I can get it……… I want to play but it says I can't until I get the Patch. It never says do you want to do it now?!? So please help asap

  7. Cons:
    Stif running ability on the kickoff return
    too many dropped passes
    QB will stop on a time when trying to roll outta the pocket

    Basically: the computer is picking who wins or looses now. waste of time. I don't care how good the graphics are compared to gameplay

  8. Sports games are getting boring every year it"s the same thing Fifa,NHL,Madden and nba all have minor updates every year waste of money

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