Halo 5 on PC – Everything You Need to Know

Halo 5: Forge makes its way to Windows 10. We chat with Josh Holmes, Studio Head of Halo 5: Guardians, about the challenge and benefits of porting Halo Forge to PC.

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  1. I normally play UT4 and omg after playing a few games of UT4 and then playing a match on here it feels like you weigh like 50lbs in Unreal and like 800lbs in Halo

  2. Well we got 2 halo games on PC (Halo Online and this) so that's good. Now the nest step for Microsoft to do is try to make these games playable. Honestly those games are only playable if you invested like $1000 – 2000 on your PC, but not everyone is willing to do that. That's the issue with platforms. A game with insane graphics will look good on everyone's console because those things are gaming machines, but the consoles are overkilling it with power and nowdays a lot of games only focus on graphics and no content. People need to realize that not everyone has a super expensive custom built razor setup and need to make PC games that can actually run on most PC's

  3. "Forge has always given you a hammer and chisel, but now we have a powersaw."
    Great now give us access to the cmd line and .txt files.

  4. Halo 2 was one of my first and favorite shooters when i was a kid. I would without a doubt drop money on it if they were to release the whole game on pc.

  5. they never brought halo to pc after halo 2 and now that they have, after years, its only for halo 10.
    which drugs do they take?

  6. Theoretically, someone could try to recreate the levels of the game, and then use some sort of trigger to make something spawn or move to make it look like it is loading the next part of the level, or like something is moving in the distance, or like a phantom (or what ever else) is flying by… 🙂

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