Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Launch Trailer

Step back into the augmented shoes of Adam Jensen when Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches on August 23.

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  1. As tribute to the great Deus Ex series, my character in Cyberpunk will be called: JC Adam Djanton.

    As much as I love the DX series, I'm afraid Cyberpunk will raise the bar to high for another Deus Ex game. But if one would release some years from now… I will buy it no doubt.

  2. Pcgamer saying this is shaping to be the best deus ex ever? Just shows how little you can trust those sellouts. This game sucked… if it had an ending then things would be different. Shame, because having to chose between helping people getting beaten in a ghetto by the guards, or leave them alone, was truly memorable. If you deal with the guards, the people will get more fucked when you leave. But the alternative means letting those thugs beat augs mercilessly.

  3. Replayed this again now in 2020 and wow, just wow. I tried reading more into the e-books, looking around more this play through and wow.. the amount of attention to detail.. There's also a CRAZY underlying conspiracy that 90% of people miss in the game, regarding Adam Jensen's survival in Panchaea. I took it at face value, his talks with Sarif the first game.. now I'm mind blown.

  4. Se você tentar e partir o mundo ao meio, sempre haverá alguém para uní-lo novamente.
    Você pode matar sonhos, você pode matar inocência, você pode matar liberdade…
    …mas você não pode matar o progresso.

    Translation for PT-BR by me

  5. Such a beautiful trailer, and such an interesting universe, but the sale of the game is completely fucked up. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal made it clear how not to do it. The season pass killed me altogether, because making disposable barrels in a single player game is even dumber than doing it in an online project. I was in a wild rage when I found out that the game was divided into DLC and each one needs to be bought separately and is very expensive, given that the game has a lot of bugs. How much pathos, how many expectations, and so fuck everything. I watched this trailer many times before the game was released, and the developers, with their greed and hack, destroyed everything. The next such mistake will kill this universe altogether, and with it my favorite character. Why are you better than the same Illuminati in the game? But it's a shame not to be like that, but to remain them. Developers, come to your senses, I ask you!(

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