Creating The Sound – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Official Developer Diary

Listen to CD PROJEKT RED team members talk about the challenges of designing, producing and recording the award-winning music and sounds of Geralt of Rivia’s final adventure.

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  1. Best game I've ever played, only thing which came close to Witcher 3 is RD2. Kingdom come had some cool aspects but lore wise and music witcher 3 is 99,9 the perfect game.
    Only thing which I find it sad is that within years I won't see a witcher 3 game with next gen graphics, it gets old like a good book/movie were you can play again and feel the nostalgia.

  2. The subtitles are all in the same font as the game. Well done you guys. Just another small detail that makes this one of the greatest games ever created.

  3. Ile mi razy łza w oku stawała przez tą grę z dumy , że jest nasz rynek w tej materi tak mocny , ta gra mi się nawet śniła , że we śnie gram dalej.

  4. There definitely couldve been no better developer for this game other than cdpr. Created one of the best games to ever exist.

    Now I'm just waiting for cyberpunk and wish it is half as great as this game is

  5. Just imagining everything that has to be done to make a single game….
    months and months of hard work in every aspect.
    And this was just SOUND MAKING, still need graphics, voice acting, artwork, story ideas, quest ideas, AI programming, physics programming, then game balancing system, ANIMATING.
    Taking all this into consideration, people should be more patient with games and stop complaining like theyre noble lords.

  6. I know it sounds unbelievable and I am not trying to degrade this great game,but in Taiwan there was a DOS game called "Legends of Sword and Fairy",which was made in the year 1995.And in that game you play a boy to help one of his girl friends to find her mother and her true destiny.

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