Coolest, Craziest, Stupidest Animals in No Man's Sky

If you’ve had a chance to explore the vast universe of No Man’s Sky you’ll know that it’s full of some weird creatures. Check out some of Mary’s and Rob’s favorites.

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  1. today i found a planet where there where a bunch of spheres of this strange milky yellow color and some had black patterns that look like metal, i found out moments later that the animals look exactly like that too, and they all just role around the floor attacking stuff.

  2. Hello! I still couldn't play it so I ask you from my ignorance. The animals are shown with a name that the game gives them to be identified and you can Rename them?

  3. I found a planet with foamy atmosphere when I landed it was full of Bubbles and the only living organism was a floating bubble of different colors that was dripping blood as it floated across the lands

  4. The cutest thing I've ever seen was a flying snow cuttlefish on my friends snow planet, they're the cutest little buggers!

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